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Currently booking virtual and limited in-person events for 2021.

The pandemic caused all kinds of problems for all organizations and companies.

My keynotes address major ones like…


Consumers expect more transparency from organizations.

Consumers want more than just goods and services, they want to know how things are done and what kind of impact is being made.


Increased demand for improved technology like virtual and online offerings.

With so many people, both employees and stakeholders, working from home, technology is more important than ever.


Consumers want organizations to take a stand.

Consumers want to know how the organization is responding to cultural movements, how they’re affecting change, and what more could they be doing.


Massive job loss and negative economic impact to local communities.

How do you address the ongoing challenges that your local community is facing in an effective way?


The loss of face-to-face contact with consumers and stakeholders.

With employees working from home, consumers and stakeholders are left unable to meet in person which restricts clear communication.


Employees working from home.

Communication with employees can be tricky when everyone is officed together – it can be even more so with the workforce spread out as they work from home.

I’ve created two unique keynote presentations for 2021.

After the ups and downs of 2020, brands and organizations need to connect with their people. To do that, they need to know how to communicate with their audience, consumers, and stakeholders. But that’s easier said than done in today’s fast-moving digital world, which leaves many wondering: is it even possible to stay ahead of the next crisis?

Of course, you can.

You simply have to be proactive instead of reactive. You have to learn how to be Indestructible.

What does being Indestructible mean? 

  • Understanding how to display truth and transparency online in a time of outrage
  • Being proactive while engaging in online forums
  • Learning how to avoid reputational crisis

This keynote will unveil the Indestructible PR™ frameworks designed to help communicators and leaders create the right message, at the right time and deliver it in the right place.

Learn how to become Indestructible in 2021.

Each year, there are so many changes for organizations as it relates to communications and consumer expectations. In 2020, when the coronavirus appeared, everything was sideways. As we’ve moved into 2021, this is our chance to recover and come back even stronger.
And it starts with communications.

If the staff knows how to communicate well—everyone benefits.

What does being a good communicator mean for you?

  • You are understood
  • You are helpful
  • You inspire others to communicate better

This keynote will provide a framework to help employees understand the current communications landscape and better understand the needs of the customers.

The session will provide you a playbook on how to stay up-to-date on communications, press, and consumer engagement.

Learn communications 101 for 2021.

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Official Bio

Molly McPherson is a nationally-recognized expert on crisis public relations management in the age of social media who helps communicators create the right message, at the right time, and deliver it in the right place. From her years of crisis-management experience and mining news stories and tweets for ripped-from-the-headline examples, Molly created frameworks to up-level your confidence for communicating with ease in crucial crisis moments so you can own the conversation.

Long Bio

Molly McPherson, M.S., APR, combines her knowledge of current communication practices with years of news and crisis management experience to help organizations manage issues - from emerging to a crisis - to ensure they emerge with their reputation intact. Molly created a PR framework for response in the age of online stakeholder activism.

She is a public relations advisor for many businesses and not-for-profit organizations as well as a highly-rated featured speaker on the topics of crisis communications, public relations, and leadership for several national agencies, associations, and conferences.

Before starting her consulting firm, Molly was Director of Communications for the Cruise Line International Association (formerly known as the International Council of Cruise Lines) in Arlington, VA. In that capacity, Molly represented the $10 billion cruise industry in everything from complex regulatory and policy issues to crisis communications for such events as cruise ship fires, post-9/11 security issues, and the Norwalk Virus outbreak in 2002.

More recently, she worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Office of External Affairs to launch their first social media program. This enduring program began with a video she filmed and co-produced in 2008 when tornadoes ravaged Tennessee and FEMA provided ground assistance to displaced residents. She also worked with the agency’s newly formed broadcast strike team in 2008 covering both Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike.

Molly has been a featured speaker in public relations, crisis communications, public speaking, and social media at numerous venues, including the Harvard Kennedy School. She teaches social media courses at New England College. She earned her master’s degree from the College of Communication at Boston University and her bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.

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