Everyone in your organization needs to be aware of how (and when) the internet impacts business today.

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Digital media, specifically social media, can make or break a career, ignite an organization or send it up in flames. It’s critical to learn how to take command of the messaging behind the brand and use social media, crisis communications, traditional media and public relations to your benefit


Power Speak & Weak Speak

If there was ever a time for women to make a mark in the workplace, it’s now. Even so, many women have trouble getting heard in professional conversations. Sometimes their words, conversational style or tone can undermine what they are trying to say and subvert their intended meaning.

This talk provides strategies for helping women speak persuasively and clearly. Participants learn the words and phrases that help project an authentic voice of leadership so they can be heard and be more aware of how to play on their communication strengths and overcome any hurdles.

Arming Your Business for a Crisis

This media talk provides participants with critical communication skills and today’s latest digital tools to help their organizations position themselves well in a favorable environment and protect themselves when besieged by negative subjects. Attendees gain a stronger ability to prepare and manage a crisis with confidence and understandings to head off any challenges in the future. 

Those in attendance receive media relations templates, written examples and on-camera exercises for CEOs and communicators. Participants leave armed with the knowledge and experience they need to handle any crisis with professionalism and ease.


Meeting Your Customer in the Digital Age

Gone are the days of serving an organization’s customers and constituents exclusively face-to-face. Businesses today must not only communicate across many generations but do so through many types of technology. This talk gives employees the critical communication knowledge they need to meet and exceed their audience’s expectations in the age of iPhones and Facebook.

Getting the Board On Board with Social Media

Facebook is more than a social media network — it’s the online “face” of your organization. That’s why it’s crucial to understand if your board or management has a full understanding of your organization’s digital presence. This talk provides a high-level view of the ideal, social-savvy enterprise from the leader’s point of view. Attendees will be able to answer the question, “Is our organization social-ready?”

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The Secrets of Social Media: Clues for Connecting with your Customers

Social media isn’t just a place to connect, networks like Facebook can also reveal all the secrets to figuring out the mindset of your customer. The communication landscape is radically different than it was twenty years ago for many organizations and many of those changes are happening online, specifically on Facebook. As the number of customers using the social network continues to rise, so does the need for communicators to manage their organization’s messaging in person, online, and on social media. Learn to spot the clues that uncover the secrets to your customers.

What if Alexander Hamilton was on Facebook?

Getting “Revolutionary”: Digital PR Lessons from this Famous Founding Father

New York settler and founder of the nation’s financial system, Alexander Hamilton is enjoying a well-deserved popular resurgence thanks to the hit Broadway show in his name. But what made Alexander Hamilton quite so influential? Learn three powerful lessons that are as resonant today as they were back in the 1700s.

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Arming Your Co-op for Today's Media: Tools, Tasks, and Tactics for the Digital Age

In the new media landscape, effective crisis communications management depends on developing well-crafted messages and delivering them as quickly as possible. As electric co-ops face an ever-wider spectrum of issues to address publicly, they need to be equipped to respond optimally. Arming Your Co-op in the Media: Tools, Tasks, and Tactics for the Digital Age provides tested tactics and sound strategies to help co-ops manage simmering issues or ones headed for a crisis. 

The Bully Pulpit: Modern Communication Tips from our History's Leaders

This 45-minute presentation offers a timeline highlighting successful communication strategies that hold the test of time. Whether you need to build your communications skill set or just refine it, this talk provides valuable skills for all 21st-century leaders.

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Noelle Grattan
Creative Director, Five Line Creative
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