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To Be In Control of the Message in a Crisis, You Have to Learn to be Indestructible

But it isn’t always easy, especially if you’re facing problems like…


No plan in place...

The time to build your plan is NOT when you are in the crisis!


Limited resources & support...

You’re working within a system that may not value or understand the importance of a strong communication plan.


Not sure where to start...

Understaffed and overwhelmed only begins to explain it.


Forgetting (or missing) the basics of PR and communications...

From press releases to media statements, what has changed and what has stayed the same?


Cancel Culture is out there...

Are you prepared if you face a public backlash online?


Feel behind in social media...

With digital and social media constantly evolving, it seems impossible to stay ahead of the changes online.

Molly McPherson

The best way to handle a PR crisis is to prevent one.

That’s why I travel the country (both in-person and virtually) to deliver keynotes and workshops that teach communicators how to develop their own Indestructible PR™ frameworks and create the right message at the right time and deliver it in the right place.

I’m Molly McPherson, a nationally recognized expert on crisis public relations management in the age of social media. I’ve spent years working with organizations as they respond to PR crises, and now my goal is to help prevent them.

How can I help you become a communicator that creates the right message at the right time and delivers it in the right place?


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Issues and Crisis Management

Most crises occur because the people who manage them do not follow a specific plan or framework. Through one-time or ongoing consulting, your organization will receive the guidance, advice and support to deal with any problem or crisis your company is facing. If you follow our framework and execute it, you will have everything you need to survive, but also thrive.

Masterclass and Blueprint

Many communicators manage their company's communication with a small staff or on their own, with limited resources and limited time. Learn how to create or rebuild a communication program prepared to tackle an issue, campaign, or a crisis. Learn all the latest tips and tricks for online and social media communication.

Keynote Presentations

Providing engaging and relevant presentations that help your managers and employees understand the digital climate, which can enhance your business's reputation if used properly or destroy it if it is not understood.


Grab all the extras from Molly's new book Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis, published in April 2021.

Live and Online Workshops

Bring your senior management, management, staff or board of directors together in a setting that offers collaborative learning in a virtual or in-person setting.

Tools and Resources

The internet is flooded with information on how to improve your communication skills, but the Hub provides timely and helpful material to help you create the right PR message and response at the moment.


Find useful episodes from the popular podcast Confident Communications with Molly McPherson easily and quickly.

Facebook Group

A place where we break down breaking news and share on-going solutions for communicators.  This private Indestructible PR™ Facebook Group offers a place to join other communicators to share ideas, ask questions and learn

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Don’t just take our word for it…

As a company that has experienced several years of unprecedented growth, Icomera was initially looking to work with Molly to bring its communications in line with its now international and industry-leading position.

Over two days Molly listened to our leadership team tell Icomera’s story and worked to draw out and refine our key messages, presenting them back to us using our own words and creating our unique communication framework, grounded in authenticity.

The sessions strengthened the leadership team’s confidence to communicate with key audiences during the pandemic. The shift to virtual meetings has undoubtedly intensified the focus on the communication abilities of the individual – a level of scrutiny previously only experienced by a small number of company spokespeople. With the communication framework and skills learned during our work with Molly, Icomera’s leadership team has fully embraced this shift, addressing internal and external audiences at online events on a scale not previously seen in the company’s 20-year history.

As an added benefit, we are starting to see an increasing number of the wider Icomera team following the examples being set, to the point where we are communicating with colleagues and clients more frequently, more clearly, and through more channels, than ever before.

Paul Barnes

Chief Marketing Officer, Icomera

I cannot say enough about Molly’s ability to capture the attention of the attendees, even in virtual settings. She is engaging, entertaining, and connects with every person watching her on-screen or in the room. Her dedication to delivering a premium presentation puts her in a class by herself. She is easily one of my highest-rated speakers.

Participants sent in unsolicited feedback to me within minutes of her presentation – raving about her and that she was one of the best speakers ever! Without a doubt, I will bring Molly back to speak to other groups. Her ability to engage diverse audiences, ranging from employees to boards of directors, is impressive. Molly is easily someone your organization will want to invite back!

Pamela Clark-Stein

Director of Education and Member Services, North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

Running a social media page can be stressful because you never know what you’ll find when you log into Facebook every morning for work. Will everyone be happy with our service or will someone have been upset overnight and started a chain reaction of negative comments? I liked Molly’s PR approach to social media to share our good news and turn a bad comment into a helpful interaction for our members on Facebook. It felt like I had an extra set of eyes on the page giving me the confidence to write the right things to say.

Sarah Hansen

Communications Specialist, Clarke-Washington EMC

In 2019, I quickly became immersed into why CEO’s need effective crisis management for their organization. I also learned it is imperative to have a professional crisis management playbook to ensure a crisis is publicly handled in a systematic and sequential fashion.  Thanks to Molly McPherson and her crisis management playbook, I was able to guide my organization as negative media intensified after a spate of publicized damaging occurrences. I found myself understanding the need for developing a crisis management plan through educating myself on how to navigate through difficult decisions and then advance a strategy that best fit my ability. The playbook and education from Molly gave me a high-level overview to develop the necessary tasks, advance pertinent communications, and then disseminate information that made managing the crisis easier for my organization. Ultimately, I learned through Molly’s leadership how crisis management should be designed to protect an organization and its stakeholders from the perceived and literal pressures that can cause harshly negative influence.

Eric Hamelback

CEO, National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association

Recently I was faced with drafting a formal response to a difficult and potentially hot-button question that, if answered poorly, could have had significant negative reputational impact.

I knew I needed help and I immediately thought of one person: Molly McPherson. Molly helped me navigate through the minefield, worked with me on drafting my response and raised my answer to a totally new level. Simply put, Molly helped me create the right message at the right time.

She is my go-to resource for communications support and I rest easier knowing that she is in my corner.

Mark Hoffman, MBCI, CBCP, PECB ISO 22301

Anesis Consulting Group, Inc

Industries We Worked With



Emergency Management







Why I do what I do…

molly mcpherson media training

As a long-time communicator, I know that you want to be a trusted resource in your organization who always knows the right message to deliver at the right time from managing an issue to managing a crisis. To do this, you must have confidence in your knowledge of the latest strategies and tactics in public relations and crisis management.

The problem is that the media industry is changing so quickly that it is incredibly difficult to keep ahead of the changes and trends without feeling overwhelmed and behind the curve.

I believe communicators should know the PR and communication fundamentals that have changed and which remain, while knowing the digital tactics and social channels that are the musts in a crisis. 

From my experience in federal emergency management, I know that you often do not have the luxury to learn at work, so you have to have all the answers before the crisis hits. 

I know first-hand the power of mixing traditional and digital communication tactics in a crisis by means of a framework, so I can help every communicator feeling overwhelmed. 

So join the Indestructible PR™ Hub today for free to gain access to the resources you need to stop feeling overwhelmed and undervalued, and gain confidence in every message you send.

Molly McPherson


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