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When a crisis strikes, assume everyone will be watching.

Let’s face it, with over two billion people on Facebook someone is bound to say something about you.    

For anyone running a business in today's digital age, the chance of a consumer calling out the brand on social media is a matter of when not if. 

Right now you are feeling confident that your organization is covered online. Your business looks good on Google and your Facebook page has a lot of followers along with a handful of good reviews. 

You are running a company that has this online thing covered.

Now ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Are you able to handle the media spotlight if a crisis hits your organization?

  2. Does your staff know how to respond to a group of people attacking your organization on social media?

  3. Would you know what to do if someone called you out personally on social media for the world to see? 

When a business and its leadership team get targeted online, a slow response – or worse – no response can destroy years of good work.

Consider the posts.

Consider the headlines.

Consider your reputation could be destroyed in one viral video picked up by the press.


Now consider that you may need outside help.

As a PR-certified communicator, I know how to manage crisis response that is heightened by a social media backlash. From media relations to crisis communications, I have answers for how to respond to the media and the public when a crisis occurs or during an online reputational threat to an organization and its leadership.

More important, I know how to prevent the threat in the first place.   

There is a Framework

Using a tested public relations framework model created to face a public backlash and rebuild reputations. I used it when I worked in public affairs for the Federal Emergency Management Agency during post-Hurricane Katrina efforts. 

Remember those bad news stories? So, do I. As a part of the efforts to rebuild FEMA’s reputation after the hurricane, I created this methodology for handling unexpected backlash from the public and the press.

Reimagined for the digital age, this framework has effective rapid response maneuvers for organizations and their leadership to emerge from a crisis with their reputation intact.  

My goal is to make organizations and their leaders’ reputations indestructible in the digital age by taking away the fear.

 How I help you land on the right side of your consumer and the public:  
Incident & on-going retainer work
On-site and online workshops
Keynote speaking  

I will help you survive the public backlash and find a way to come out looking even better. Good leaders know how to respond to a bad event by learning what to do before it strikes.

Ready to get ahead of a potential crisis? Contact me.

If you’re going to leave a lasting impression, it better be a good one. 

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It’s my mission to help business leaders and, especially those who didn’t grow up in the online age, navigate online messaging and social media to manage a sticky issue or public relations crisis. Let’s face it: You spent a lifetime building a reputation in business. Don't let a few poorly-worded tweets or online quotes destroy your reputation or business.

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