Protecting Companies from a Communication Crisis:

Molly McPherson's Expertise at Your Service

In a world where any post can ignite a PR crisis in an instant, there’s no room for error. You need a seasoned expert who understands the landscape. Meet Molly McPherson, the go-to authority in crisis communication strategy.

With over two decades of experience in public relations, emergency management, and the media industry, Molly’s innovative approach to online PR crisis management has become synonymous with success. Affectionately dubbed the “PR Lady” by her enthusiastic followers on TikTok, she shares invaluable leadership lessons from breaking news stories, all based on her unique Indestructible PR® framework.


What Makes Molly Stand Out?

  • Media Enthusiast: Contributing writer on, host of the popular podcast, “Indestructible PR® Podcast with Molly McPherson,” your weekly masterclass in PR and communication strategy.
  • Crisis Pro: Former roles at FEMA and as the Director of Communications for the Cruise Line International Association, where she managed media responses during major crises.
  • Award-Winner: Adweek Creative Visionary Award Winner: Careers Creator of the Year in 2023.
  • Educated and Accredited: Master of Science in Mass Communication from Boston University, Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of St. Thomas, and Accreditation in Public Relations earned in 2018.

Why Choose Molly?

When the stakes are high, Molly’s On-Demand Rapid Response consulting, along with her tailored Quick Fix Crisis Communication Strategy Plan, offers you the protection, guidance, and expertise you need. Her insights have not only saved brands but turned crises into opportunities for growth and positive engagement.


In a Crisis? Contact Molly Now!

Don’t wait for a crisis to control your narrative. Trust Molly McPherson to protect your company from a communication meltdown. Schedule a consultation or explore our Quick Fix Crisis Communication Strategy Plan. Let Molly’s expertise guide you through the storm, turning potential disasters into triumphant successes.

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Media Requests

Keynote Speaking

This keynote will provide a framework to help employees understand the current communications landscape and better understand the needs of the customers. The session will provide you a playbook on how to stay up-to-date on communications, press, and consumer engagement.

In Need of PR Help?

Are you facing a PR crisis and need help navigating it? With Molly's extensive experience in the public relations field, she can provide invaluable insights and guidance to ensure that your business comes out of this challenging situation with minimal damage. Whether it’s crafting a strategy for dealing with negative press, a viral social media crisis, or providing crisis communication advice, Molly has the skills to help.

Crisis Communication Plan Molly McPherson

Need to Write a Crisis Communication Plan? | Video Course & Template

Be prepared for any PR crisis with our comprehensive video course & template. Learn to defuse reputation threats confidently and effectively. Purchase now.

How Molly + Co. Can Help

No plan in place?

The time to write your crisis plan is not during a crisis. You need a plan, but you have no idea where to begin. Because crisis planning is often overlooked by organizations. Molly + Co. will work with your leadership, board, and communication teams to create an indestructible crisis plan that stops a crisis.

In Crisis?

Bad news is spreading about you on social media, and you don’t know how to stop it. We help clients work the story in their favor so that bad news stops. When your brand is in a midst of a crisis and time is of the utmost importance, Molly + Co. can help you manage the issues with real-time results.

Need reputation renewal?  

The crisis has ended. It has done its damage. When the crisis is over, Molly + Co. will make sure your reputation isn’t over as well. You need a proven SEO strategy to boost your reputation online. We help find the (key)words that will restore your reputation while we work with your strengths and identify your weaknesses, to rebuild your brand.

There is no doubt that social media will be the site of your next PR crisis, whether it starts or ends there.

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Using current events and tested PR strategies, this podcast teaches. communicators how to manage crises and build an indestructible reputation.

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