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I help leaders build indestructible reputations in today's digital age and crisis-proof their organizations.

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For any organization operating in today's digital age, the threat of a reputational crisis is a matter of “when,” not “if.”

Do you have confidence your organization could withstand a public backlash that spilled online? 

You know your leadership has business savvy, but have you recognized a lack of social media-savvy at the top or in the boardroom? 

Did most of the people running the business start their careers before the start of social media?

Of so, there is greater exposure to risk in today's cancel culture.

What are the risks? 

  • You've worked so long to build a reputation, but what to do if it all fell apart because of one lousy tweet?
  • Is there a proper response to an unplanned encounter with a disenfranchised customer brandishing a mobile phone?
  • Is your organization prepared to respond if an employee got themselves into a bit of a fix online?

Don't be lulled into complacency because you created a crisis plan a few years ago. Technology and social media changes daily, but many crisis plans were written for a different time if they were even written at all.  

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to business, you need to understand how to navigate the online commentary for managing your reputation, or someone will do it for you.

Get the right message out at the right time to your audience, customers, constituents, members, followers, team, superiors - whoever needs to hear from you.

I can help. 

I am a PR-certified communicator with extensive experience working with brands in crisis from the time of the fax machine to today's Facebook.  

Through a keynote address at your annual meeting or conference or an on-site workshop, I offer a real-time roundup of the reputational threats to organizations and how to prevent them. 

Are you in an emerging crisis? 

I have a tested PR framework to rebuild reputations that I conceived when I worked for the Federal Emergency Management Agency during post-Hurricane Katrina efforts. 

Refined for the digital age, I now use it for retainer clients with rapid response to help emerge from a crisis with their reputation intact.  

I can make your reputation indestructible. 


It’s my mission to help business leaders and, especially those who didn’t grow up in the online age, navigate online messaging and social media to manage a sticky issue or public relations crisis. Let’s face it: You spent a lifetime building a reputation in business. Don't let a few poorly-worded tweets or online quotes destroy your reputation or business.

Let's get to work...

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