Protect your organization’s reputation before it’s under attack.

In order to manage a crisis, you must present the right message at the right time.

But many organizations struggle with how to do that because…


They don’t know what to say.

Finding the right words to communicate can be tricky in the best of times. When you’re in crisis, it becomes exponentially harder.


Their audience doesn’t understand the problem.

What may be a small thing to your organization can be huge for your consumers, and they may not understand what’s going on and why the problem can’t be solved immediately.


Their message is delivered too soon.

The perfect message will fail if it is delivered at the wrong time. If your message is delivered too soon, your stakeholders won’t be ready to hear it.


The message is delivered too late.

There is a very tight window for when to deliver your message, and if the crisis has already happened, that window has closed and no one is willing to listen anymore.


Their audience doesn’t understand the message.

Your stakeholders don’t know what you’re trying to communicate because the message is muddled and unclear. 


They don’t have a platform to deliver their message.

You must meet your consumers where they are – and that likely isn’t just your website. Without the right platforms set up, even the perfect message won’t be effective.

Stop the struggle before it starts.


The media cycle is moving faster than ever.

Are you prepared?

The rapid news cycle has created a media ecosystem where an organization’s vulnerability is higher than normal due to increased scrutiny and online chatter that can spill into the general discourse. 

When an organization is responding to an incident or crisis, the risk of making the wrong statement at the wrong time, and in the wrong channel, means the vulnerability is even greater. 

In my years of experience successfully helping organization’s public relations, crisis, and emergency management, I’ve noticed many of the communication strategies and tactics used in the last decade no longer apply to the companies operating in the digital age. 

That’s why I created the Indestructible PR™ frameworks to help you create the right message, at the right time and deliver it in the right place. 

To thrive – not just survive – you need:


An Effective Message

Effective messaging to use in interviews and issues relating to crisis management, public relations, and incident management.


The Right Words

Learn the words and phrases that mitigate risk and assure stakeholders of your position.

Total Alignment

Bring everyone in the organization around a common messaging framework so there’s no confusion.

This media training workshop is designed for responding to the stakeholders in the age of digital and social media.

This two-day virtual training is designed to prepare senior leadership with the right response by crafting messages that are built from the strength of the organization and delivered in the right format at the right time.

session 1

Threat and Opportunity Analysis

Teams work in small and large groups to create a response narrative based on the organization’s potential threats and discuss the opportunities to diminish them.

Areas of discussion:

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Owned and leased communication channels
  • Potential issues requiring a media response.

session 2

Media Response Training

Preparing the Response

  • Analyzing comfort speaking to the media
  • Creating key messaging
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your organization’s reputation to inform a response

Delivering the Response in the Digital Age

  • Learn tips for appearing on-camera and in virtual interviews
  • How to speak to the press – when you do and when you don’t
  • Learn what off-the-record and on background

How to Leverage Social Media During a Crisis

  • Using Twitter for rapid response
  • Connecting the response on social media and online platforms
  • Learn the best platforms to use for sharing proactive news and reactive responses

What workshop attendees have said…

One of the best training session I have ever been a part of. Absolutely excellent.

Molly always does a good job of involving participants and making us think outside the box.

The real life scenarios of governance challenges at cooperatives throughout the nation was very educational and informative. It was very eye opening to see what other cooperatives are dealing with and ways to overcome the challenges.

Enlightening, fantastic presentation.

It was practical, informative and engaging. Molly’s knowledge of national trends was something I could not have gotten on my own.

Important, valuable, practical information. Best workshop I’ve attended while working at the cooperative. Excellent presenter. I recommend this workshop because it brings to life scenarios that cooperatives are facing in real time.

Great course! As usual, Molly kept the information flowing well and VERY PERTINENT to us as Directors.

Molly – your brain reminds me of a race track with multiple cars and one great driver.

I think everyone involved really enjoyed the experience and you’ve helped to raise the team’s overall competency in this area. I certainly feel more confident in my role, and in putting a wider group of people forward as company spokespeople in the future.

I also happened to be presenting a webinar myself earlier today, so you’ll be pleased to hear I’m already putting your advice into practice.

The Indestructible PR™ media response training is tailored for each organization to help them learn how to communicate clearly in a time of crisis that perfectly aligns with current business continuity plans and procedures.

Every attendee also gets a copy of my book, Indestructible: Reclaim Control And Respond With Confidence In A Media Crisis.