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Nationally recognized expert on crisis public relations management in the age of social media who helps communicators create the right message, at the right time, and deliver it in the right place.

Crisis Planning

As cancel culture continues to threaten brand reputations left and right, online crisis communications are essential now more than ever. Molly + Co. will protect and defend your brand against the negative press that you risk experiencing in the current online social climate.

Our crisis communication firm offers everything you would expect from an online reputation management company. We understand how these firms tend to serve larger businesses, leaving the smaller players at the mercy of the relentless online culture. So, we offer services to organizations who normally would not look to a big-box PR form for help. 

Executives of mid-to-small businesses and organizations with limited budgets can now include crisis communications in their online marketing strategies. Through Molly + Co., we aim to protect good companies in a crisis. Companies of every size are at risk of these online issues. Molly + Co. will steer your company away from the negative and toward the positive.

Crisis Response

Crisis response involves intervention once your company encounters an online crisis. The goal is to mitigate as much damage as possible, which is only achievable with swift action. With the services of a crisis communication firm like mine, you can de-escalate any crisis you may encounter. Your business will be able to stand firm even after the crisis.

Although my main goal is to help prevent crises from starting, I have spent years working with organizations in responding to PR crises. With my experience, I am confident that I can help you navigate a situation to focus on quick and effective recovery.

In general, effective crisis response is about reassuring clients that you can resume operations despite an online PR crisis. Employees may also encounter issues associated with the crisis.
The common factor between your clients and employees during a crisis is the incident’s emotional consequences. You want to respond to these feelings by minimizing stress both during and after the event, which you can achieve with reassurance and solid proof that you have everything under control.

Since emotions are involved in a crisis, an effective response must have input from mental health professionals. After all, people are people whether in a state of crisis or otherwise. The crisis your brand encounters can serve as a learning opportunity. Consider responding to crises with the methods I’ve developed through my years of experience in helping companies overcome them.

Reputation Renewal

Although the best way to handle a PR crisis is to prevent one, renewing a damaged reputation is still a specialization that I offer. This strategy is about getting back to your usual operations in the aftermath of the event. After reassuring your clients and employees that you have everything under control, you need to follow through with that promise.

Renewal can involve coordination with multiple government agencies depending on the scale of the crisis. Renewal also still prioritizes the mental health and emotional wellbeing of everyone after the event through a focus on optimism.

Some organizations fail to consider the recovery process after the crises they survive. They believe that once they have planned and responded accordingly, they can bounce back as they were before the crisis. But the damage that has occurred might affect relationships with stakeholders, making renewal measures necessary if you truly intend to resume operations as they were before.

As an extension of crisis response measures, renewal may involve going back to crisis planning. During a post-crisis state, you should have a clear mind after undergoing the necessary emotional management. This clarity can help you prepare for future crises of the same nature. Be sure to include renewal in your online reputation management strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my organization hire you for 1:1 consulting?

Yes, I take a limited number of 1:1 clients each year. Use the form on my contact page to find out more.

Do you offer virtual presentations?

Yes, I offer presentations and workshops virtually. Use the form on my contact page to find out more.

Are you booking in-person events?

Yes, I’m booking a limited number of in-person events in 2022 dependent on location and date. Use the form on my speaking page to find out more.

Where can I find your media bio?

Fill out the form on my podcast page to submit your pitch.

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Yes, I welcome media interviews of all kinds. Use the form on my media page to schedule.

Where can I buy your book?

Amazon and your favorite local bookstore. Don’t forget your bonuses!

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Yes, bulk ordering is available. Please email my publisher.