Professional Development

Put away the tired talks about communications and business management.

There's a new type of training: current, topical and provides immediate results for your C-level, management and board of directors.

I want to tell you something you haven’t heard before and communicate in a different way. Attendees will walk away with something that benefits their professional and personal lives, protecting their organization, business, cooperative as well as everyone’s reputation.

Executive Communication and Media Training for CEOs & Directors in the Digital Age

There’s no such thing as a closed-door meeting, and everything you do and say online can (and will) come back to haunt you. Wherever you turn (or click), executives are being eaten alive by the social feed. So how do you protect your brand, your board and your CEO from a swift fall? It’s not just up to your communications director anymore; every team member potentially plays a part in crisis management. Learn how to safely buttress your brand on social media, then use your knowledge to properly to mitigate the damage.


The New Rules of Reputation Management

Best Practices for Determining If, When and How to Respond to Issues from Customer/Member Dissatisfaction
The landscape has changed: Social media and online activism have transformed reputation threats, particularly with the speed at which co-op issues can blow up. How should the co-op respond, if at all if it is in the line of fire? 

From online stakeholder activism to media relations, this session will offer critical learnings for electric co-op employees managing hot-button issues in today’s sensitive communications environment. 

Getting Your Board On Board with Communications

Communication Workshop for the Non-Communicators: The Board of Directors

The communication environment has changed drastically in the past decade, but is your board on top of all those changes? Reform groups are testing the policies and practices of boards like never before on a national and local level. It's critical to have a full understanding of your organization’s presence and reputation with your customers or members. This workshop, delivered during the working or evening hours, provides a high-level view of the ideal, crisis-ready board of directors.