Molly McPherson

Social Media Audit

Are you “doing” social media right? Does your online presence have the right impact?

I can help.

There’s a big difference between being active online and using the internet to grow your reputation or your business. This goes well beyond following your children on Facebook so you can keep tabs on the grandkids. And it’s much more than setting up a LinkedIn profile, only to forget the password a few weeks later.

You need to know where you stand online. Whether you’re making the impact you want and reaching the people who will make a difference for you and your organization.

Grab your Social Media Audit today. I’ll dive into your online presence and tell you where you can make a bigger impact, starting right where you are today.


As a professional--either in corporate or in your own business--it’s imperative that you maintain an active online presence that’s rooted in the knowledge that others are watching. Your boss. Your team. Your clients. Your future employer.

I’ll ask again: Are you “doing” social media right? Does your online presence have the right impact?

Sometimes you’re too close to it to look at it all objectively. Instead of guessing, invest in a personalized assessment of what you’re doing right online and where you can use a bit of tweaking.


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    Request your assessment here. 



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    Once you submit and make the payment, you’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire that gives me the background and links I need to perform the assessment.

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    Within two weeks, you’ll receive your assessment. This consists of a 5-page pdf and a video, outlining my findings and suggestions for changes.

We’ll look at:

  • Where you appear on online searches
  • The tone and content of your personal and professional posts
  • What social platforms are best for your personal and/or professional goals
  • Which social platforms you can avoid altogether

I recommend you work with your team to make the needed changes to your personal and professional profiles and that you become an informed, more fluent social media user. With the assessment, I’ll provide you some additional resources you can use to gain the background knowledge you need so social media and online reputation management becomes a more natural part of your networking.