For many a solopreneur, small business owner, or side-hustler with a website, the choice of whether to start a blog or not has a simple answer – you have one. After all, that’s what people do with websites. Right?


But keeping up with the blogging? Ah, now that’s a horse of a different color.

Most people who have a blog will tell you it’s difficult to keep it current. That’s likely because most people with a blog are guilty of doing the same.

I searched online for numbers on my idle blogging brethren and came up short. The only statistics I could find only came from a New Times article from 2009 – quoting a 2008 number – that states over 95% of bloggers fail. Ironically, that statistic came from a company that shifted their state of blogging report to a digital influencing report.

I don’t have to look too far to understand why. For one, social is where it’s at. Anyone will tell you it’s easier to post 140 characters rather than 1400 words.

I let my blog lapse for six months for what is likely the same reason as many – no time. Not that I wasn’t writing. I spent a lot of time adding content online but chose to post my work on immediate formats like Twitter and LinkedIn. That’s not necessarily bad for business, but it is bad for SEO.

This fact ashamedly came to light midway through a social media course I teach for a local non-profit.

When the curriculum hit the blogging section, I quickly transformed from instructor to cobbler, reluctantly admitting to not having any shoes. Dead blog.

Running a website with a blog means you need to be all in – or opt out.

I’m back in.

Here are reasons to write a blog:

1) Fresh and Shiny New Content for Search Engines

Search engines feed off of up-to-date content and websites. The newer the page, the more relevance it has, and the more it will sit up top Google searches.

2. Keywords are the Key to Eyeballs

Blogging about something you love provides a natural selection of keywords for search engines to find.

3. You are Happy Writing about your Business.

AKA, you like your business and you like to write.

4. You Want to Be an Authority

People who want to hire you in your subject area will go to your website.*

(* Says me. Happens all the time.)

5. Time, Desire, and Talent to Write

This is a winning triumvirate.

Here are reasons not to write a blog:

1. No resources to manage it.
2. You won’t keep on a consistent schedule.
3. You only want to write about you or your business.
4. Do not want to engage with other bloggers or people in your space.
5. You have nothing interesting to say.


You simply hate to blog. For grins, check out the blogs listed in the aforementioned New York Times article on failed blogs.