Thank you for signing up to be a guest on the Confident Communications with Molly McPherson!


We can’t wait to share your story and expertise with our listeners. Unless otherwise coordinated and agreed to, we will do our interview using Zoom and the conversation will be recorded. 

Please follow the link below and complete the form to share with us the topics that you’d like to discuss and some additional information for us to share with our listeners.

Here is the Overall Interview Format We Will Follow:

Note:  The show style is a conversational style interview- we will discuss a question or topic and then move on to the next item/topic after discussion.



I will say hello to the listeners and then welcome you to the podcast and do a brief introduction.  I will then ask you to tell us a little bit more about you.


Your backstory- how did you get into what you are currently doing or moving into (ex. Starting your business or doing work you are passionate about)


What does it take/did it take you to get here

What Encouraged You or Encouragement Can You Share


Actionable Tips/Strategies or Resources Listeners can apply to their lives

[Wrap up]

I will thank you for joining me and ask you to share where listeners can find you online.

Thank you again and I look forward to connecting and interviewing you for the show.  If you have any questions or need anything please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Molly McPherson


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