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Public Relations expert Molly McPherson, APR, is your guide to examining how communications can make or break a brand, organization or leader. Discussing the best practices in PR, digital media, crisis communications and social media.

The podcast offers a mix of analysis of current events along with interviews with newsmakers, communications professionals, and business experts from Molly's 20+ years of public relations and crisis communications expertise working for FEMA and heading communications for the cruise line industry.

Everything is PR.

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Molly McPherson

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Molly McPherson is not your average public relations practitioner. She can whip out a media statement, geek out over how a crisis started and knows her way around Twitter but when you get right down to it, her role is to help leaders protect themselves in the digital age. 

Molly's combined experience as the head of communications for the cruise line industry and her role in shaping FEMA's online media efforts turned into a passion for helping organizations and their leaders feel comfortable communicating in the digital age. She is the founder of the online training program, Confident Leader Network and loves to talk about current events and how *not* to become the subject of the next viral news story. 

The 7 Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make

January 14, 2020

This week I’m sharing my 7 deadly sins of grammar. These are some of the mistakes you might be unknowingly making in your writing that’s causing you to lose credibility – especially online. The goal of this episode is to give you more confidence in your writing. It is, after all, one of your most…

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Crisis Plans: What They Are and Why You Need One with Rob Burton

January 6, 2020

Many businesses have a crisis on their hands. It’s not the threat of a devastating event that should have them worried. It’s the lack of planning for when it does. In this episode of the podcast, I’m speaking with Robert Burton. Rob is the Managing Director of PreparedEx, where he leads a team of crisis…

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It’s a New Year; Is it Time for a New Life? With special guest Steve Piacente

December 30, 2019

A New Year’s Eve episode airing on the cusp of 2020 dedicated to listeners who want to make a transition in 2020. For many, this is the time of year that people seek change and crave renewal. Who better to guide us through that process than a life coach?   My guest is Steve Piacente. Steve…

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How to Write an Unforgettable Thank You Note

December 23, 2019

We mean to do them, but we don’t always get around to it even though we know we should. It’s the “always love to receive one, but dread writing one” thank you note. Listen to this episode for tips on how to write an unforgettable thank you note. I’ve timed this episode around the holidays…

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The 12 Days of Crisis: My Top #PRFails in 2019

December 17, 2019

 On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me A PR crisis, or one or two or three. In this (almost) end-of-the-year episode, I wrap-up the PR season by covering the best (or worst?) PR crises of 2019. It’s my holiday gift to myself and to anyone else who has a…

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