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Public Relations expert Molly McPherson, APR, reveals the best practices help leaders become indestructible in today's digital age and crisis-proof their organizations. A mix of discussing current news events along with interviews with newsmakers, communications professionals and business owners while providing insight from 20+ years of public relations and crisis communications expertise working for FEMA and heading communications for the cruise line industry to help take the fear out of communicating in the age of scrutiny. This podcast helps leaders communicate confidently--in writing, speaking, body language, social media -- to be heard, seen and relevant.

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Molly McPherson

About Your Host

Molly McPherson is not your average public relations practitioner. She can whip out a media statement, geek out over how a crisis started and knows her way around Twitter but when you get right down to it, her role is to help leaders protect themselves in the digital age. 

Molly's combined experience as the head of communications for the cruise line industry and her role in shaping FEMA's online media efforts turned into a passion for helping organizations and their leaders feel comfortable communicating in the digital age. She is the founder of the online training program, Confident Leader Network and loves to talk about current events and how *not* to become the subject of the next viral news story. 

Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management

December 2, 2019

According to this week’s guest, a company owns its brand; the public owns its reputation. Crisis communications expert Bill Coletti reveals how to build reputational excellence by meeting the needs and expectations of the public.  We discuss his various strategies for companies to work their way through a crisis. Bonus — Bill offers a phenomenal…

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How to Behave on a Plane without Driving People Insane

November 25, 2019

It’s Thanksgiving week in the United States; a time of year when a lot of people plan to travel through airports on their way to visit family and friends for the holiday. This is the episode to help you, and everyone around you, travel with ease in the air.  Everyone holiday, you can almost bet…

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One Year of Confident Communications: The Best of the Podcast

November 18, 2019

Can you believe it’s been a full year since we launched the Confident Communications podcast? Well, here we are! One year later and one year wiser. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at Pat Flynn’s Power-Up Podcasting boot camp (Pat was also a guest on this podcast in episode 40) which played a…

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Executive Presence: What it Looks like, Why You Need It And How To Get It

November 11, 2019

Executive Presence is a term you may hear a lot, but do you know what it means? Simply put, having it means you own a room the second you stand in front of it. It’s a mix of confidence and savvy communications that inspire your peers, subordinates and leaders. Lauren Sergy, an expert on all…

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What’s in a Greeting and Why Does it Matter?

November 4, 2019

As a business leader, employee or owner, you have the opportunity to interact with many people from all walks of life and places. Just as important as why you interact with people, is that you’re able to greet them appropriately so you get off on the right foot. But greeting etiquette depends on so many factors,…

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