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Public Relations expert Molly McPherson, APR, reveals the best practices for helping leaders become indestructible in today's digital age by creating crisis-resilient organizations.

The podcast offers a mix of analysis of current events along with interviews with newsmakers, communications professionals, and business experts from Molly's 20+ years of public relations and crisis communications expertise working for FEMA and heading communications for the cruise line industry.

This podcast helps leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs - anyone who communicates for a living - take the fear out of "putting themselves out there" in the age of public scrutiny. A podcast to help you communicate confidently in your writing, speaking, body language, and social media.

Everything is PR.

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Molly McPherson

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Molly McPherson is not your average public relations practitioner. She can whip out a media statement, geek out over how a crisis started and knows her way around Twitter but when you get right down to it, her role is to help leaders protect themselves in the digital age. 

Molly's combined experience as the head of communications for the cruise line industry and her role in shaping FEMA's online media efforts turned into a passion for helping organizations and their leaders feel comfortable communicating in the digital age. She is the founder of the online training program, Confident Leader Network and loves to talk about current events and how *not* to become the subject of the next viral news story. 

How to Lead In a Time of the Coronavirus: Seven Ways to Inspire Confidence

March 24, 2020

You can’t make it very far in March 2020 without seeing some kind of news article or social media post regarding COVID-19. This also makes it very easy to identify the leaders who get it, and the ones who are missing the mark. Whether a leader is doing an admirable job by pivoting their message…

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Communicating COVID-19: The Best Advice for Informing Your Stakeholders During The Pandemic

March 17, 2020

 If you’re struggling with how to communicate your way through the coronavirus crisis, then this episode is for you. I’ve assembled a group of savvy professionals working in crisis and risk management, public relations, strategy & planning.  You’ll hear how to provide timely and accurate information to your audience, and I share my favorite…

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Help! I lost my voice. Now what?

March 10, 2020

It can happen to anyone. You’re out of town at a conference or event, and less than 24-hours before you’re set to take the stage for a talk, your voice decides to completely give out. Without access to your kitchen or a pharmacy full of remedies, what can you do? Canceling isn’t an option, but…

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6 Secrets for Starting a Conversation with Anyone

March 2, 2020

All wonderful relationships began with a conversation. That’s why having a conversation starter handy is the gateway for a future connection with a person, whether it be for networking or in a new friendship.  These are my six secrets that work like a charm for starting a conversation with anyone. [2:34] 1: The first one…

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press conference

How to Conduct an Astronomically Bad Press Conference

February 24, 2020

3 Tips for managing your next press conference. Imagine planning a press conference to address a widely publicized cheating scandal and rebuild your baseball team’s reputation. You’ve got your lineup set for what should be a home run, but you end up striking out. In this podcast, I’m dissecting the Houston Astros’ failed press conference.…

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