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Learn more about the background and skills that make me your go-to resource for all things social media communication.


When you live in an online world like we do today, you need to have an online presence. No longer can you look at social media as something the Millennials do. It’s a part of everyday life, and if you’re not careful you’ll get lost in the online superhighway, passed over for someone more present and relevant.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, up-and-coming business leader or small business owner, how and when you position yourself online matters. It’s no longer okay to be absent, and it’s even more important that you present yourself in a consistent, professional manner. You need to be part of the conversation.

Social media is the Good Old Boys network of years past. It’s where people gather to network and educate, grow relationships and do business. It’s time to say goodbye to the golf course and country club and say hello to the 21st century. There’s a new way to do business.

I combine my knowledge of current social media tools and practices with years of news and public relations experience to teach you and your team how to engage online. I help you find the right strategy for communication by combining the best practices of today with the proven methods of the past.

Grow your social fluency and stay significant among your peers, your team, and your organization.

Originated the social media program within the Office of External Affairs for the Federal Emergency Management Agency


Director of Communications and spokesperson for the Cruise Line International Association

Started the Social Media Program within the Office of External Affairs for the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Featured Speaker for the Harvard Kennedy School, University of Minnesota & National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Master of Science in Communications, Boston University


I love Twitter, give into Facebook and was initially ambivalent about LinkedIn, until I discovered the awesome power it has to grow a professional reputation for both business owners and corporate execs. I also love to scroll through Instagram, but reluctantly admit it works better in the hands of a Millennial. Or my four teenagers.



I speak on the topics of crisis communications, public relations and social media for national organizations, at conferences and on behalf of corporate leaders. Find out more about my speaking experience.

CoopsLive | #CoopsLive Molly McPherson Adam Schwartz

Social-Savvy Tactics to Put a New 'Face" on the 7 Cooperative Principles. The cameras will be rolling on Facebook Live as we bring the seven cooperative principles to life – one by one - in this fun and interactive session using live 21st-century communication tools to revitalize 19th-century co-op ideas. We will showcase the best social media platforms to help your co-op bridge the generations and encourage active engagement with your membership. CONNECT attendees in the room are invited to use their personal or co-op Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account as we project live news feeds during the session while their colleagues can do the same back at their co-op. 

#CoopsLive 2017

#CoopsLive 2017. Molly McPherson and Adam Schwartz bring the 7 Cooperative Principles to life in this lively presentation for cooperative communicators. Booking now for annual meetings.