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Issues and Crisis Management

Most crises occur because the people who manage them do not follow a specific plan or framework. Through one-time or ongoing consulting, your organization will receive the guidance, advice and support to deal with any problem or crisis your company is facing. If you follow our framework and execute it, you will have everything you need to survive, but also thrive.

Masterclass and Blueprint

Many communicators manage their company's communication with a small staff or on their own, with limited resources and limited time. Learn how to create or rebuild a communication program prepared to tackle an issue, campaign, or a crisis. Learn all the latest tips and tricks for online and social media communication.

Keynote Presentations

Providing engaging and relevant presentations that help your managers and employees understand the digital climate, which can enhance your business's reputation if used properly or destroy it if it is not understood.


Grab all the extras from Molly's new book Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis, published in April 2021.

Live and Online Workshops

Bring your senior management, management, staff or board of directors together in a setting that offers collaborative learning in a virtual or in-person setting.

Tools and Resources

The internet is flooded with information on how to improve your communication skills, but the Hub provides timely and helpful material to help you create the right PR message and response at the moment.


Find useful episodes from the popular podcast Confident Communications with Molly McPherson easily and quickly.

Facebook Group

A place where we break down breaking news and share on-going solutions for communicators.  This private Indestructible PR™ Facebook Group offers a place to join other communicators to share ideas, ask questions and learn

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