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Protect your online reputation from attack with the most powerful crisis communications system made for digital media.

Neutralize bad press

Stop Online Attacks

Control the Narrative

When your reputation is attacked online, what will it cost you to be unprepared?

  • $New and existing customers
  • $Critical deals
  • $Important relationships
  • $Your best employees
  • $You and your family's peace of mind
  • $Brand value
  • $Your company's future
  • $Your plans for the future

You’ve seen the headlines: Every day, organizations getting “canceled” and paying dearly for it.
The same organizations that never thought it would happen to them.   

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel knowing you’re prepared to respond to a PR crisis beautifully.

While others panic,  you’ll be ready to defuse a reputation crisis with complete calm. 

Control the Narrative

Get on top of negative stories before they spin out of control.

Communicate with Confidence

Know what to say, how to say it and where to say it⸺ fast.

Win Public Support

Turn haters into fans with insight into what they really want to hear.

Love The Press

Nail interviews like a pro and make news coverage work for you.

…and much more. A subscription to Indestructible PR Online is like having a world-class crisis communications expert on your team whenever you need them⸺for less than $3 a day.   

Why the “cancel machine” loves unsuspecting organizations.

Scandals—real or perceived–trigger a feedback loop that changes the story so fast,
you cannot hope to keep up if you’re unprepared.      

If it’s not stopped in time, this “cancel machine” will happily devour all the goodwill you’ve spent years building in a matter of days. 

Ready to become cancel proof?

Hi, I’m Molly.

I’m here to make you cancel proof.

I understand what it’s like to know one negative story can bring down all you’ve built. Because in my 10 years as a PR-certified crisis communicator, I’ve seen firsthand what the “cancel machine” can do to organizations and the lives of the people who run them. 

I believe everyone should be able to defend themselves in a PR crisis–not just those with the deepest pockets. That’s why I created Indestructible PR Online. So that every organization–no matter their size–had access to the world-class, cutting-edge PR resources they need to deflect a reputation attack and come out of it even stronger.

“Molly is a communications first responder! I have her on speed dial. So should you.”

Jeffrey Blount

Former Senior Director, NBC News Washington, and author of The Emancipation of Evan Walls

“Molly’s thoughts on how to deal with a crisis and then get a handle on all aspects of public affairs, especially in getting comfortable with using social media in a crisis, is invaluable.”

Timothy Sullivan

Rear Admiral ADM (Ret.), USCG

“Molly prepares you so you can be confident you’ll be indestructible during a crisis.”

Mike McGil

WaterPIO Former Producer, CNN’s Reliable Sources

Yes, your reputation can become indestructible.

No matter what kind of PR crisis your organization faces in the future, you can be confident it will come out on top.
Here’s how: 


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“Bi-State PCA has hired Molly McPherson twice, once to provide Media Training for our public-facing directors in 2016, and again in 2021-22 as a training opportunity for our 34 member organizations. Molly’s Indestructible PR: Social Media Management and Crisis Communications series, taught in monthly 45-minute virtual sessions, is packed with key insights from her years in the field and practical advice that can be implemented immediately. Unique to Molly’s approach to training is the guided worksheets provided for each training session. Step-by-step instructions enable each participant to customize their communication plan for their organization, region, and the populations they serve.

The 24/7 digital access to recorded sessions, up-to-date and relevant resources, blog posts, and her podcast series continue to deliver value long after the training series ends.

Molly’s Indestructible PR training series is a graduate-level communications masterclass that respectfully accommodates communicators with a wide range of media training and experience. Her communications and teaching style successfully impart a level of expertise that would otherwise take years to attain.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Molly and her team.”

Susan Noon, MBA, APR

Director, Marketing and Development Bi-State PCA

Who is Indestructible PR Online for?

  • $Business Owners
  • $Public figures
  • $PR professionals
  • $Company executives
  • $Non-profit leaders
  • $New PR grads
  • $Anyone who communicates in their daily work

“When it comes to crisis response and safeguarding your company’s reputation, Molly is one of the best in the world. Her advice is on point, her instincts are impeccable, and her ability to execute is masterful. Molly isn’t one of those ‘theoretical’ crisis experts. Her expertise was earned the hard way . . . by slogging it out in the trenches in real-life crisis situations.”

Warren Weeks

Principal, Weeks Media

Indestructible PR Online | Molly + Co.


Finally feel confident with a PR crisis response plan that works.

what’s included?

✓ Indestructible PR Crisis Response Masterclass

✓ Free Access to Pop-Up Media Trainings (Minimum 2x per year)

60+ Downloadable Resources

Bonus: Indestructible Media Interview Masterclass

Bonus: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Communication Masterclass

Bonus: Indestructible PR Crisis Response Plan Accelerator

✓ 12 months access



per month

100% Money Back Guarantee


Every day, people just like you are going from unaware and unprepared to ready and confident with Indestructible PR Online.

Still, you should feel 100% assured it will also work for YOU! 

That’s why you get an Absolutely Risk-Free Guarantee. 

Try Indestructible PR Online for 7 days. If you aren’t satisfied, just ask for a full refund before your first 7 days are up.

Exactly what will you master with Indestructible PR Online?


Introduction to the 7 Pillars of an Indestructible Reputation

You’ll be introduced to the seven core values critical to making your reputation indestructible. Don’t forget to download your workbook full of real-world examples and application tools you can use to put all of the Masterclass material into action.


How to use Research to Build the Right Crisis Plan the First Time

The last thing you want is to make a media crisis worse with the wrong response plan. Learn how to use research to create a response that will resonate with what your audience cares about, speaks to them where they are, and wins them over to your side. 


How to Use a Media Crisis to Advance Your Long Term Goals 

Imagine if a PR crisis could help your organization achieve its strategic goals? Want to be the #1 provider for your stakeholders? Or the most trusted business in your market? Whatever the goal, this module will show you how to build a response plan to achieve it.


The Only PR Crisis Response Framework You’ll Ever Need

While strategies and tactics change, the fundamentals do not. That’s why this crisis response framework, anchored in the 7 Indestructible pillars, is the only one you need. Promise. Whatever you face now or in the future, this framework has you covered. 


How to Tap the Power of Media Coverage + Make it Work for You

In the eyes of your audience, media coverage is more credible than any message you produce. This module will lay out a method for building powerful relationships in the media now so that your voice is strong, clear, and credible no matter what issues emerge.


How to Position Your Leaders for a Masterful Crisis Response

In a reputation crisis, your stakeholders and the public will naturally look to executive leadership for guidance. Still, they are human just like all of us. Use this module to get them ready and in position to respond to any crisis with confidence.

The Indestructible Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Organizations everywhere are being called on to respond to social, environmental and corporate governance issues. This module will break down exactly what an Indestructible (aka Authentic) DEI response looks like and why its imperative.

The Indestructible Media Interview and How to Master It 

Believe it or not, most reporters are not out to get you. Nor are they out to help you. So how should you approach media interviews? Learn how to make them work in your favor by neutralizing self-defeating anxiety and following an interview strategy that helps everyone.

The Indestructible Crisis Response Plan Accelerator

If you’d like to 1) create an airtight crisis response plan and 2) save a lot of time in the process, this module is for you. Use the 10-step guide to turn everything you’ve learned into a “living” plan tailored to your organization in a fraction of the time.

LIVE Pop-Up Media Trainings

Get FREE Access to ongoing media trainings happening throughout the year (minimum 2x annually) with relevant and on-time content.

Next session: How to Write a Crisis Communication Plan for Now

Trainings with the Industry's Leading Experts:

June 2022: The Art of the Great Media Interview with Warren Weeks

August 2022: How to Effectively Communicate After a Cyberattack with Mark Hoffman

December 2022: Positive PR Doesn’t Fall From the Sky with Jody Fisher

January 2023: Use Tailoring to Serve Multicultural Needs with Melissa Vela-Williamson, M.A., APR, CDP

You’re ready for this if…

  • You recognize the consequences for your organization when its reputation comes under attack.


  • You acknowledge that anyone–even you–can be “canceled.”
  • You would rather be prepared for a crisis than react to it.


  • You recognize “old school” communication models don’t work in a digital world.


  • You take responsibility for safeguarding your organization’s reputation.

You’re not ready for this if…

  • You don’t think your organization’s reputation is all that important.


  • You’re convinced that getting “canceled” is something for others to worry about, not you.


  • You’re sure you’ll come up with a way to resolve a crisis when it happens.


  • You prefer to use one-size-fits-all crisis response templates from the Internet.


  • You believe keeping the organization’s reputation safe is someone else’s problem.


Is this only for experienced or current PR professionals?

No. This program is for anyone who communicates as part of their daily life, from new graduates to seasoned PR professionals to small business owners. 

I’ve already got my professional training so $549 seems like a steep investment - how will I know it’s worth it?

Professionals like you are exactly who I designed this course for. It was developed from PR curriculum and standard PR practices, so it’s important you already have at least a foundational understanding of these. But it’s experiential in what is happening now so in essence, you will be creating your very own customized playbook. You also get 365 days of access to all of the content AND ongoing exclusive access to sessions with me. It’s like having me as part of your in-house team – and trust me that would cost a lot more than this membership!

How much of this is theory vs. practical application?

Theory is part of it, as you need the foundation to understand. We look at PR curriculum and standard PR practices, but the membership is also experiential in what is happening now. You’re given a playbook that can be customized and used when and how you need it.

What if I’m already a certified PR expert? How is this content different to what I already know?

This is new, bleeding edge communication tactics. As the tools and tech change, we have to change too. This membership teaches you how to stay up to date and provides resources throughout the year as techniques and strategy develops.

There are so many different crises that could happen - how can one framework possibly help me prepare for them all?

It’s all about fundamentals. The membership creates a learning environment where you can learn how to apply the framework to any situation. It’s like bringing another person in to consult with you. 

How will I access it?

I’m using the course platform Kajabi, but all you need to know is that as soon as you register, you’ll get an email with next steps, including your registration information. 

What is time commitment?

In less than one hour a week, you can make the most of the membership. In other words? Pick one lunch break a week to spend on it, and you’ll be all set! 

Can I be a part of the membership if I own my own company but am not a PR professional?

Of course. Anyone interested in communications or learning how to use communications to grow your own business can benefit from IPR Online.

What happens when you subscribe? Great question!



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About your instructor


Like you, I believe reputation is priceless. Because through more than 10 years helping organizations who weren’t prepared for a media crisis, I’ve seen what a lack of even a few safeguards can do to years of work.  

I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I created Indestructible PR Online.

To date, 100+ business owners, executives, public figures, PR pros and other communicators like you have used Indestructible Online to cancel-proof their organizations. I can’t wait for you to begin that journey, too! 

“For years, Molly McPherson has stood out as one of the savviest media and crisis communicators working today. Her work goes far beyond the usual platitudes to deal with the hard-nosed realities of individuals and brands in trouble – whether caused by actual bad acts or the mere perception of bad acts.”

Brad Phillips

President, Throughline Group, and author of The Media Training Bible

Now let’s get back to the heart of why you’re really here…


This audience is vital to your business. Your cause. Your future. 

Imagine, just for a moment, what losing their support could mean. 

You know how the story goes.


One day they are with you. The next, a badly-worded tweet, ill-timed post, interview quote taken out of context, or a host of other scenarios causes their support to waver. 

They thought they knew what you stood for. But now, they’re not so sure. What you say and do next could restore their trust in you. Or it could make things much, much worse.

So right now you have a choice…

You can cross your fingers and hope nothing happens to cause your audience to doubt you. Or at least hope that when that time comes…when the spotlight is on you and everyone is waiting for your response…you’ll be able to contain the damage.   


You could invest in Indestructible PR Online. Use the easy-to-follow, step-by-step masterclass, resources and bonus trainings to put an air-tight crisis response plan in place. Then be confident you’re ready to restore your audience’s trust in your brand. 

You deserve to be prepared, even if you’re thinking…


Of course. Who in your position wouldn’t be insanely busy? In fact, I’ll bet you already know about the two kinds of priorities: the ones you make and the ones you wish you’d made. Is protecting your company’s reputation worth
your priority? 


Great question! It’s what PR pros usually ask before signing up. Still, like you, they know a crisis won’t wait on them to sharpen their skills. When even one extra insight could mean the difference between success and disaster. So they end up asking “Why wouldn’t I subscribe?”


What I’m about to tell you will be hard to accept: If you flub your response to a crisis, your fans will turn on you first. Because they’ll think they were wrong about who you are. And they’ll feel betrayed. What would you then give to have been ready to do things right? 

Indestructible PR Online | Molly + Co.

✓ Indestructible PR Crisis Response Masterclass

✓ Free Access to Pop-Up Media Trainings (Minimum 2x per year)

60+ Downloadable Resources

Bonus: Indestructible Media Interview Masterclass

Bonus: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Communication Masterclass

Bonus: Indestructible PR Crisis Response Plan Accelerator

✓ 12 months access



per month

Stop hoping your reputation isn’t attacked.

Start making it indestructible.