When a social media crisis strikes, everyone is watching.

Learn proactive strategies and get the resources you need to be ready.

Indestructible PR Online | Molly + Co.

PR professionals, communicators, and managers can learn how to respond to crises and receive consulting on handling unexpected public and press backlash. 

A membership to ensure your company’s reputation is indestructible.


As a PR pro – or just watching the 6 o’clock news -, you’ve no doubt seen a social media crisis hit an organization you know.

Or worse yet, your organization may have already experienced one. 

A tweet written in a hurry. A Facebook post not properly vetted. An off-the-cuff reply to a comment … that wasn’t meant to offend. But made things worse.

So much worse.

You’ve seen the fallout for companies when this happens. It only takes one viral video or comment to be picked up by the press to threaten your reputation.

Why take the risk? 


As a PR-certified communicator with experience working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and Cruise Line International Association (formerly known as the International Council of Cruise Lines), I’ve watched the progression of crisis communication in traditional news outlets to the now almost immediate reactions on social media. 

When a business and its leadership team get targeted online, a slow response – or worse – no response can destroy years of good work.

For anyone running a business in today’s digital age, the chance of a consumer calling out the brand on social media is a matter of when not if. 

I’ve taken my years of news and and public relations experience + my in-depth knowledge of social media to create Indestructible PROnline.

I created this for PR professionals, C-level executives and business owners, who need to know how to proactively use social media to protect their brand. 

Everything I teach is based on proven frameworks I use with my own clients from national brands and organizations to local businesses.

I will teach you exactly what you need to know and do when dealing with or preparing for a crisis.

I will show you how I’ve helped other companies create an IndestructiblePR™ presence by using social media as a PR tool, rather than a promotional one.

I have spent the past year developing this program. Ever since our world changed with the events of COVID-19. This originally started as a free COVID-19 response kit for companies and it quickly became apparent that so much more was needed. 

The result?

Indestructible PR Online | Molly + Co.

The membership for PR professionals, communicators and managers to learn the methodology for handling unexpected backlash from the public and the press


“Molly McPherson is a communications first responder! Crisis management, social media strategy, brand enhancement. I have her on speed dial. So should you.”

Jeffrey Blount

former Senior Director, NBC News Washington, and author of The Emancipation of Evan Walls

Your Indestructible Online Subscription Includes…

Everything You Need to Build Your Crisis Communication Plans.

On-Demand Modules 

Through our ever-growing library of on-demand modules, you’ll be guided through the most common communication issues as well as those you haven’t experienced yet.

Live Monthly Coaching 

A member-only livestream is held once a month by Molly McPherson to coach you on parts of your critical communication skills and answer your questions.

Crisis Communication Plan
You don’t just get the template, we explain how to create it. Your organization will receive a tried-and-true, easy-to-follow crisis communication plan to help you plan, manage, and respond to a crisis.  

Modules are being added regularly! 


Your Indestructible Online

Subscription Includes…


  • Access to ALL On-Demand Modules 
  • Access to monthly live coaching 
  • Your Crisis Communication Plan 
  • Course Workbooks 

Your Subscription Gives You Everything You Need to Know to Create a Crisis Communication Response Plan.

All For Just $997/year.

Exclusive opportunity to add in a bonus 1:1 Consult Session with Molly!

When you join Indestructible Online, you’ll get exclusive access during checkout to book a special 1:1 Done-With-You Consult Session with Molly where she’ll join you on a call to build out a crisis plan around a critical issue.

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Indestructible PR Online | Molly + Co.

$997 Pay in Full

One Year of Access to all IPR Online trainings, community, resources, and more!

On-Demand Courses and Live Coaching that Helps You Manage a Public Relations Crisis

On-Demand Modules

Live Monthly Coaching

Crisis Communication Plan

Your Subscription Gives You Everything You Need to Know to Create a Crisis Communication Response Plan.

All For Just $997/year.


“When it comes to crisis response and safeguarding your company’s reputation, Molly is one of the best in the world. Her advice is on point, her instincts are impeccable, and her ability to execute is masterful. Molly isn’t one of those ‘theoretical’ crisis experts. Her expertise was earned the hard way . . . by slogging it out in the trenches in real-life crisis situations. If you’re responsible in any way for your company’s reputation, you need to put this book at the top of your reading list.”

Warren Weeks

Principal, Weeks Media

You may be a certified PR professional, a business owner, or a manager in a large corporation who is a pro at what you do but you know there is always more to learn. In this age of social media, knee-jerk tweets and even faster re-posts, you need to know how to be a modern-age communicator to crisis-proof your business.

I will teach you my proven 4-Step Communication Process and 7 Pillars of Indestructibility that will enable you to be prepared for any crisis and protect your reputation, no matter the situation.




From Chaos to Control: Keys for How to Build and Effective PR Response

This module is your introduction for how to create an indestructible PR plan for your company or organization to be able to respond to any issue at a moment’s notice. 



Introduction to The 4 Step Process: Step 1 Research

This module gives you a plan for gathering information to describe and understand any issue, situation, or crisis. 




This module helps you define your goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to your specific audience or stakeholders. 



Building the Communication Blueprint

This module provides you with your blueprint for responding to any issue or crisis by helping you create the right message at the right time using the right channel.



Media Relations

This module provides you with media relations and media training tips to use in the press including traditional, social, and digital.  



Leadership Communications

This module helps you define the mission and values of your organization, and how to apply them to your leadership communications.  

PLUS the
BONUS Module!

BONUS MODULE – Diversity + Inclusion 

As I was creating this masterclass, I realized that it wouldn’t be complete without including a module on diversity and inclusion. This bonus module will show you how to communicate where your organization currently stands in regards to diversity and inclusion and what you should ideally be communicating about in the future. 

This membership will help you create the right response, at the right time, and deliver it in the right place that prevents a crisis or helps you survive one. You will get ongoing access to up-to-date tools needed to manage and protect the reputation of your company or its leadership.

I’m Molly. A PR-certified communicator. 

I can spot the threat of reputational crisis from a mile away.

As a PR-certified communicator, I know how to manage a crisis response that is heightened by a social media backlash. From media relations to crisis communications, I have answers for how to respond to the media and the public when a crisis occurs or during an online reputational threat to an organization and its leadership.

I  was inspired to create a framework for protecting your reputation from an online backlash in my time working in public affairs for the Federal Emergency Management Agency during post-Hurricane Katrina efforts.

Reimagined for the digital age, this framework has effective rapid response maneuvers for organizations and their leadership to emerge from a crisis with their reputation intact.

I’m the host of the Confident Communications Podcast, author of Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis, and speaker to executives and organizations about crisis communications, public relations and social media response. I’ve worked with organizations/clients such as FEMA and the Cruise Line International Association, and for the past six years I’ve worked one on one with many clients, including those in energy,  telecommunications, emergency management and sports.

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Master Critical Communication Skills

There are 6 parts to every business. Leadership, overhead, marketing, sales, product creation and finance. We’ll help you master them all.


Plan For Your Next Crisis

Writing a crisis communications plan is not difficult. You just need a template to get started. Get access to Indestructible Online and feel confident that your crisis plan help you manage your next crisis.

I’ll show you how to make your brand and organization Indestructible with my proven framework for handling a PR crisis in the digital age.

Make sure your company’s reputation is Indestructible

You could wait until an ill-timed tweet goes out and the backlash begins…

…and then scramble to figure to figure out what to do. 

You could risk responding in a tweet or post and have it backfire. 

You could risk offending your customers and clients even more. 

You could do nothing and risk looking like you are avoiding the threat altogether.

As a PR professional or a communicator, you are dealing with an ever-evolving digital landscape. You need a new set of tools and resources in your arsenal that will crisis-proof your social media and your organization.

As PR professionals we know that a crisis won’t wait. 

Get the proven framework that will help you proactively protect your organization’s reputation and prevent a social media crisis. 


“For years, Molly McPherson has stood out as one of the savviest media and crisis communicators working today. Her work goes far beyond the usual platitudes to deal with the hard-nosed realities of individuals and brands in trouble – whether caused by actual bad acts or the mere perception of bad acts. In Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis, she shares clear-eyed thinking that communicators and others in the spotlight should internalize before trouble comes knocking on their front door – or their Twitter feed.”

Brad Phillips

President, Throughline Group, and author of The Media Training Bible

Don’t let a late night tweet ruin your company’s reputation.


“Not only does Molly provide you with the preparations to make before ‘cancel culture’ comes calling, but the paths to take when the pressure is on so you’ll avoid adding to the anger. With this book in your back pocket, you can be confident in knowing you’ll be indestructible during a crisis.”

Mike McGill

WaterPIO Former Producer, CNN’s Reliable Sources

With Indestructible Online you will be equipped with the knowledge and proven framework that will enable you to use social media as a PR tool, not just a promotional one.  

These past two years have elevated the communications industry. Now, more than ever, it’s become clear that communication is an essential part of every business. It’s also shown us that we need to be constantly evolving in our expertise and ability to handle all types of crises. 

That’s why, throughout this membership, you will have growing access to so many new tools and resources to draw on to help you as you navigate or prepare for any PR crisis within your company. 

Within this membership, you’ll gain an understanding of The 7 Pillars of Indestructibility and how to use these to audit your own crisis response strategy. Meaning you will be able to take the information delivered and hit the ground running inside your own organization to proactively create a crisis response strategy.

Don’t let one viral video ruin your company’s reputation


“I have dealt with a crisis or two and maybe even caused a few on my own, so I appreciate Molly McPherson’s insights from Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis. Every organization, business, or political candidate will face some sort of crisis. Her thoughts on not only how to deal with them but then actually get a handle on all aspects of public affairs, especially in getting comfortable with using social media in a crisis, is invaluable.”

Timothy Sullivan

Rear Admiral ADM (Ret.), USCG

Indestructible PR Online | Molly + Co.



Indestructible Online

For just $997/year

One year of unlimited access to modules and live coaching events

Live coaching events every month

Includes ongoing access to future courses

Cancel anytime



Is this only for experienced or current PR professionals?

No. This program is for anyone who communicates as part of their daily life, from new graduates to seasoned PR professionals to small business owners. 

Can I be a part of the membership if I own my own company but am not a PR professional?

Of course. Anyone interested in communications or learning how to use communications to grow your own business can benefit from IPR Online.

What if I’m already a certified PR expert? How is this content different to what I already know?

This is new, bleeding edge communication tactics. As the tools and tech change, we have to change too. This membership teaches you how to stay up to date and provides resources throughout the year as techniques and strategy develops.

There are so many different crises that could happen - how can one framework possibly help me prepare for them all?

It’s all about fundamentals. The membership creates a learning environment where you can learn how to apply the framework to any situation. It’s like bringing another person in to consult with you. 

How much of this is theory vs. practical application?

Theory is part of it, as you need the foundation to understand. We look at PR curriculum and standard PR practices, but the membership is also experiential in what is happening now. You’re given a playbook that can be customized and used when and how you need it.

What is time commitment?

In less than one hour a week, you can make the most of the membership. In other words? Pick one lunch break a week to spend on it, and you’ll be all set! 

How will I access it?

I’m using the course platform Kajabi, but all you need to know is that as soon as you register, you’ll get an email with next steps, including your registration information. 

I’ve already got my professional training so $997 seems like a steep investment - how will I know it’s worth it?

Professionals like you are exactly who I designed this course for. It was developed from PR curriculum and standard PR practices, so it’s important you already have at least a foundational understanding of these. But it’s experiential in what is happening now so in essence, you will be creating your very own customized playbook. You also get 365 days of access to all of the content AND ongoing exclusive access to sessions with me. It’s like having me as part of your in-house team – and trust me that would cost a lot more than this membership!

Make sure your company’s reputation is Indestructible