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When you have an urgent crisis on your hands, you don’t want a bad situation to get worse by not having an effective plan of attack.

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Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis

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My Areas of Competency

Crisis Communication

For preventing and managing a crisis in the digital ecosystem of today, I have created an effective crisis communication system that can help you recover the loss of trust with your stakeholders. From telling your side of the story to obtaining public forgiveness, I can help you control the reputational damage and turn the crisis into an opportunity to reconnect with your audience.

We can talk strategy, tactics, and systems that make managing a crisis, particularly on social media, easier and more predictable.

Online Reputation Management

Are you under attack on social media? Has someone created a “hate site” about you or your brand? I can help you draft and deliver the right statement, on the right channel, and at the right time.

Social Media and Digital Content & Stakeholder Strategy

Looking to connect with your stakeholders using digital and social media tactics? My proven tactics and techniques have helped clients manage issues easier, make crises more predictable and manageable. 

Work With Molly

The situation is urgent, and you need help.

In my experience handling crises for companies, organizations, and leaders for years, I have a proven strategy to help restore trust and manage reputational threats. Working with you, I’ll outline a strategy, create the right message, and arrange tactical steps that will get you through the crisis.

You don’t want a bad situation to get worse by not having an effective plan of attack. Let me help you develop a communication strategy so that people understand what happened, why it happened, and how it will be handled moving forward.

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