You know a memorable quote when you hear it. You see it published repeatedly or going viral on social media, you have a quote for the ages.

We are weeks into a global pandemic and there are multiple heads of organizations attempting to make their mark on this historic moment.

How will they succeed?

In this episode, you’re going to learn how to create a memorable quote plus hear examples of memorable quotes throughout history.

  • [4:31] 1: Write like people actually talk.
    Learn how to be conversational while leaving out the unnecessary filler language.
  • [7:29] 2: Use memorable language.
    Find out how to use your words to help paint a picture.
  • [8:52] 3: Avoid the hype.
    Lose the hyperbole and focus on the facts.
  • [9:53] 4: Skip the jargon.
    No one wants to burn calories struggling to understand your acronyms.
  • [11:38] 5: Fancy facts.
    Sprinkle storytelling to add depth to the story.
  • [13:12] 6: Use this grammar style to attribute a quote.
    Certain styles lend themselves to speaking; others to writing.
  • [14:02] 7: Consider the appropriate tense.
    Different word choices should be used for something that has just happened vs. something that’s more timeless.
  • [15:33] 8: No fake news.
    Keep it real; avoid the bias.
  • [16:58] 9: Boil down your big idea.
    Here’s how you can make your message more shareable.

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