People are social beings who not only thrive on interactions with others but rely on it daily. Whether it’s a conversation with a friend, time with family, or a business interaction, I think we can all agree we miss mixing with people.
However, with all the chaos and fear COVID-19 brought into our lives, our typical social opportunities as well as norms have gone sideways. Even if when we do have the opportunity to see people in person, there’s an enormous elephant in the room with us — mask or no mask?
The rules for interacting during a pandemic are complicated, but the mask issue is as huge as the elephant.
How do you get someone to politely wear a mask without sounding obnoxious?


For anyone who struggles with imposter syndrome when they are presenting virtually, do I have a solution for you!

Communication expert (and former guest on the podcast), Lauren Sergy, recently released a killer online course (I know, I know…) that will transform your virtual presentations.

Making the Most of Video Conferencing is a self-guided course using practical, high-impact strategies that will boost clarity, impact, and effectiveness when conducting a video presentation from home.

Lauren helps you bring polish to your presentations all from the comfort of your home office.

Listeners who remember Lauren from her interviews on the podcast (Executive Presence: What it Looks like, Why You Need It And How To Get It and How to Small Talk Like a Pro at a Holiday Party) know she is a communication dynamo.

Lauren is also generous.

Enter the code MOLLY to receive 20% off the training. Woot! Woot! Click here to access the course.

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