For leaders, it’s not always an easy task to figure out their employees’ needs, wants, or struggles in their job, especially if there is a significant age gap. The risk of losing employees who don’t feel connected to the leadership at a company is far greater if an effective line of communication is not in place.
On the podcast this week, how to bridge the gap between leaders who feel out of touch with younger employees. Molly speaks with change management expert Colleen McFarland on ways that connect and engage digitally with their workforce, industry, and community in a way that reinforces their personal and company’s strengths.
About Colleen McFarland
Colleen McFarland believes in building relationships. As an expert in change management, McFarland helps leaders prepare and manage for impacts that business changes can have on their customers and employees. In her book, Disconnected – How to Use People Data to Deliver Realness, Meaning, and Belonging at Work, she exposes a truth that cold, hard facts combined with compassion are what is needed to motivate individuals to do the tough work that change requires.

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