Podcasting has become one of the most effective communication mediums today. Whether it’s a weekly internal program for employees or sitting in as a guest in an area of focus, leaders can utilize podcasting for optimal reach and influence.
On this week’s podcast, Molly speaks with Kelly Glover, the founder of the Talent Squad, who helps clients get booked on podcast interviews to reach their ideal clients. In this episode, Kelly shares her tips for being an exceptional guest.

About Kelly Glover

Kelly Glover launched her media career as a Hollywood intern in 2001. She earned her stripes as an entertainment reporter, talent agent, and started podcasting in 2007. Kelly went on to host her own syndicated radio show in 2010 before transitioning into podcasting full time in 2014. In 2017 Kelly experienced the Jerry Maguire moment that led to The Talent Squad. With a single client and just one staff member, Kelly opened the doors to her boutique agency and hasn’t looked back. Kelly’s approach is less but better, radical candor, with a focus on harnessing individual prime productivity windows.


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