Communication fails are a starting point in talking about the importance of having a sound communication skill set. And there were a lot of them in 2018.

It helps to know what mistakes look like so you can avoid them, and even learn how to come back from them effectively. Last week, I talked about the top communications wins in 2018; in this week’s episode of the Confident Communications Podcast, we’re looking at the flubs.

From mistweets to apologies gone wrong, from insensitivity to public safety scares, we have quite a list. And there’s a lesson in each of these 10 mistakes that you can learn from, whether you’re a corporate executive, a business owner, a public figure or just someone who wants to be deliberate in the way you present yourself.

People pay attention and people are quick to point out when you make mistakes in your communications and PR. When you make mistakes, people lose faith in you and your organization. Take the time to learn how to win in communications in 2019.





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