As leaders and communicators head into month three of responding to the coronavirus outbreak, many are starting to feel the stress creating content. 

I know I feel it. However, writing would feel far more overwhelming to me if I couldn’t tap into one of my favorite writing resources: my favorite writing coach, Ann Wiley.  

Her workshops have transformed my writing, and now I’m sharing these valuable writing tips with you

In this episode, Ann teaches how to write during a crisis to make your messages clear, compassionate, and confident. 

You’ll learn how to balance communicating early and often in an environment that’s changing by the minute.

  • [5:06] Discover Ann observations for how writing has evolved over the course of her diverse career.
  • [7:16] The value of communicators, specifically writers, during this pandemic. 
  • [9:15] Tips on using the right tone in your writing.
  • [11:45] How COVID communications have changed from the first few weeks to now.
  • [13:45] Learn how to address the specific needs of your audience.
  • [16:48] Ways to write more confidently.
  • [21:02] How should leaders write around a situation like applying for the PPP loan?
  • [23:23] How do you write “I don’t know,” and should you even write in the first place?
  • [24:30] How to write with clarity.
  • [28:05] Is it possible to over-communicate?
  • [31:30] Lessons we’ve learned from initial COVID communications.
  • [33:00] Ann’s top tips for writers during the COVID-19 crisis. 


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