With over 200 million people now using Zoom to connect (btw, that’s up from 10 million users from just a couple of months ago), this signals a major shift in the acceptability of using tech to communicate.

If you’re using these platforms to conduct your business or for meetings, you’re definitely going to want to listen in on this episode.

Communication expert Lauren Sergy spoke with me (on Zoom, natch) on techniques for presenting yourself in a polished and professional way during your video conference calls.

  • [6:28] Lauren and Molly talk about the shifts they’re both seeing in their businesses and clients.
  • [9:21] Reasons why video conferencing is going to affect every business and industry moving forward. 
  • [14:45] Tips for looking engaged and interested throughout the videoconference call as a participant.
  • [15:54] Where to place your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, for optimal camera placement.
  • [17:13] Lighting tips using items you may already have at home.
  • [18:56] How to set up an appropriate background for your videos.
  • [24:23] Why it’s so important to make videoconferencing work for you sooner than later.
  • [28:22] The best tools to invest in for quality audio.
  • [32:54] Should you be using a virtual background?
  • [35:28] Acceptable times to choose an “audio-only” work call.
  • [36:59] Why it’s important for leaders in business to up-level their video skills.
  • [38:35] Tips for appropriate clothing, hair, and makeup choices.  

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