In a time of crisis, most of us look to our leaders for both guidance and inspiration. In the turbulence of the current COVID-19 crisis, it helps to tap into the minds of former leaders.

With over 36 years serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Timothy Sullivan is an emergency management expert who knows his way around a crisis. On the podcast, bridging the leadership lessons from past incidents of significance to today.


  • [4:13] Ways that the COVID crisis compares to past crisis Admiral Sullivan has experienced in the past.
  • [6:25] Admiral Sullivan’s impressions of U.S. Navy Captain Brett Crozier’s choices when the story first broke vs. now.
  • [9:24] How communication styles of today likely changed the outcomes of Crozier’s decisions.
  • [11:45] Admiral Sullivan’s take on how preparedness styles are evolving with technology and the lessons we can take from coronavirus.
  • [14:20] Thoughts on empowering crew members.
  • [17:58] Examples of flawed leadership from past crises and how we can improve in the future.
  • [19:49] Admiral Sullivan’s advice on communicating with the media.
  • [22:52] Crisis communication techniques that have stood the test of time.
  • [27:57] Advice for crisis management on the general level – like nonprofits or business owners, for example.
  • [27:57] Advice for crisis management on the general level; like nonprofits or business owners, for example.

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