All wonderful relationships began with a conversation.

That’s why having a conversation starter handy is the gateway for a future connection with a person, whether it be for networking or in a new friendship. 

These are my six secrets that work like a charm for starting a conversation with anyone.

  • [2:34] 1: The first one is my go-to. 

Everyone loves to be complimented on their appearance. (But it comes with an important warning.)

  • [3:50] 2: This opener is gold. 

This tip works particularly well when you’re wondering what to say when you run into a speaker, podcaster, or even a celebrity. 

  • [4:42] 3: Slide in with these topics. 

Take a cue from what they’re wearing, and when in doubt, there’s always this tried and true topic.

  • [6:28] 4: Questions to ask. 

Even if you don’t actually need the information, it’s a good place to start.

  • [7:09] 5: Ask this to sound inquisitive. 

It’s an assertive question, but also an effective one people can’t help but answer.

  • [7:42] 6: Ask this, then let them take the lead.

Your best bet for getting a good story out of a person.

  • [8:44] BONUS: The outlier.

Simple but effective… for most situations.


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