3 Tips for managing your next press conference.

Imagine planning a press conference to address a widely publicized cheating scandal and rebuild your baseball team’s reputation. You’ve got your lineup set for what should be a home run, but you end up striking out.

In this podcast, I’m dissecting the Houston Astros’ failed press conference.

The good news is it gives us a perfect example of what not to do. You never know when scandal may arise, so here are some pointers you can add to your reputation management playbook today.

  • [4:44] The planning.

This is the first question an organization needs to ask itself.

  • [9:16] The optics.

How you should appear – and not appear – on camera.

  • [11:53] The messaging.

Follow this framework to respond to any crisis.

  • [17:33] The opening statement.

Here’s the best way to knock your intro statement out of the park.

  • [18:09] The sentiment.

Why you need to get everyone aligned with the same message.

  • [19:44] The moral. 

How to prevent a strikeout at your next press conference.

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