Where do you do most of your communicating in your work and in your life? Chances are it’s mostly email and text. You’ve probably noticed that some correspondence sounds confident and some make you want to say “get to the point already.”

In this episode, I’m going to cover the five filler words and phrases to get rid of in your emails to make them more concise and direct. 

  • [3:41] Filler word 1. 

Unless this is an apology email, don’t use this word.

  • [4:22] Filler word 2.

Taking this word out makes people pay closer attention to your email. 

  • [5:08] Filler word 3. 

Instead of using this word, be specific.

  • [5:40] Filler word 4. 

Taking it out will add confidence and conviction.

  • [6:06] Filler word 5. 

It comes across as snappy and rude. 

  • [7:07] Filler phrase 1. 

Avoid these and choose an imperative voice instead.

  • [7:31] Filler phrase 2. 

It’s a nice sentiment, but not necessary. 

  • [8:08] Filler phrase 3. 

The cliche of cliches of emails. Don’t do it.

  • [8:25] Filler phrase 4. 

This one’s too soft. 

  • [8:38] Filler phrase 5. 

Instead of this, use a better option for scheduling appointments.  

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