Trust me when I tell you that Generation Z matters. Especially if you’re a parent of teens, you want to figure out how their brains are working. If you own or run a business, they matter because you’re going to need to learn how to get them motivated and engaged in your product or service.

Today’s guest on the podcast is the author of InstaBrain: The New Rules for Marketing to Generation Z, Sarah Weise, and she’s sharing with us everything you need to know about Generation Z.

This is a must-listen interview for anyone who wants to get in the brain of the Gen Z consumer. If you want to know what motivates this generation to take action and get them in the door, then this is the episode for you.

»  [3:47] Get to know Sarah and how she found the gold in this generation.

Sarah talks about running a small research company and the work she’s done with both large and small companies. She wanted to figure out ways to marketing to Generation Z more effectively. With 51% of the world’s population under the age of twenty-five, listen here to find out what key behavior they’re not doing to find information, and what they’re turning to instead.

»  [6:22] Key characteristics of the different generations

Here we break down all of the living generations; the Silent Generation, Boomers, Generation X, a micro-generation called the Oregon Trail Generation, Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha. Learn more about the role that high-speed internet had in shaping an entire generation.

»  [10:07] How Millennials differ from Gen Z.

Millennials are only a few years older than Gen Z, but they’re so different because they grew up with different things going on around them. Including their parents. Here Sarah explains the shift from ‘helicopter parenting’ to ‘tech parenting’. Learn more about how this shift changed what and how people are sharing information about themselves online.

»  [17:20] Gen Z’s attention span and influence.

While Millennials can juggle three screens at a time, Generation Z can juggle five. Listen here to find out the specific length of time you have to catch both a Millennial and a Generation Zer’s attention and how their behavior is impacting other generations.

»  [23:01] How to motivate Generation Z.

This generation doesn’t say “here’s what I need to know.” Instead, they ask “what should I want to know?” and then they scroll. They rely on algorithms and recommendations to inspire them. Sarah talks about how once you hook them, they can be hyper-focused for hours, and this can actually be a huge opportunity for business and marketing.

»  [30:27] What kinds of content make Generation Z feel good?

They love learning. Consuming hours of YouTube videos where they learn how to do something will make them feel good, but watching hours of Netflix could make them feel guilty. Learn more about the natural researching tendencies of Gen Z here.

»  [32:54] What gets Gen Z to go to an event or campaign?

Where Millennials were motivated by FOMO, Gen Z also wants a shirt. They’re looking for a customized experience that is interesting enough to share on social media. Find out specific ways that you can make your event more appealing to Generation Z here.

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About Sarah

Sarah is one of only a few female CEOs to found and run a successful market research company. Over the past 15 years, she has guided hundreds of brands—Google, Capital One, IBM, Mikimoto, PBS, and Real Warriors, to name a few—to laser-focus on their customers so they can wow them with highly targeted, valuable products and experiences. As a bestselling author, business owner, and mother of two, Sarah has become known for her motivational, high-energy style and her unique ability to empower and embolden a female audience.

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