If you’re like most of us, any communication you do through the written word is via the keyboard – either on your phone or at your computer. It’s no wonder that when it’s time to sit down and put pen to paper, the outcome can sometimes look more like a ransom letter than a thank you note.

Handwriting doesn’t come easy to us anymore, but it’s still very important. Some benefits of writing things down by hand include helping us feel more accomplished, help inspire our work, think conceptually, and achieve our goals.

In this episode, you’ll learn six simple tips to improve your handwriting. Grab a pen and get ready to take some notes.

»  [5:35] Tip 1: It’s all in the prep.

Get your hands on the right materials before writing. Listen here to find out what simple writing tools you can invest in now to start writing like a pro. They won’t break the bank, and can easily be found either at your local office supply store or Amazon. 

»  [7:22] Tip 2: Check your posture. 

You want to make sure your back is straight, feet are flat, legs are uncrossed, and your arm and hand are relaxed. I give you some quick fixes to try that can transform your writing in seconds. 

»  [8:08] Tip 3: Slow down.

This seems common sense, but I’m definitely guilty of rushing my handwriting, too. Unless you’re forced to rush for some reason, there’s really no need to. Find out what can happen when you write too fast, and learn my simple rule to help you slow down.

»  [9:00] Tip 4: Restrain your arm and wrist.

Most people write with their fingers which means they draw the letters, but the pros actually don’t use their fingers at all – they use their entire arm. I share with you a couple of practice techniques to make your writing more fluid and attractive. 

»  [11:09] Tip 5: Create uniformity. 

Make your letters clear and consistent. (This is where practicing with grid paper can be very helpful.) Ascenders and descenders should be the same height, for example. Get even more clarity on uniform writing here.

»  [12:44] Tip 6: Practice makes perfect penmanship. 

Pick up your pen when you’re not in a time crunch and practice. Grab that grid-line notebook or print out a couple of pages, and listen here to find out what sentence to write that lets your practice ALL the letters of the alphabet. 

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