It’s official. Harry and Meghan have left the royal family to become financially independent. 

They can now “Chip and Joanna Gaines” their way into brand royalty, à la the likes of former presidential couples Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton. And of course, the Broadcast Queen herself – Oprah. Trust me; there is a lot of money to be made off of their new role as royal brand ambassadors to themselves.

In this episode – who is winning the PR battle of public opinion and why the H&M royal exit matters to you. They brought a very specific trend front and center that’s worth paying attention to.

You’ll want to listen to this episode if you own or operate a business. I share some interesting generational consumer trends that are on the rise, and how to deal with change in a way that works for everyone.

»  [1:55] The PR of it all. (#everythingisPR)

Who wins the battle of public opinion? Naturally, I asked Twitter. I could guess that the younger generation was going to favor the couple while the older generation would back the Queen. Listen here to find out who won my poll and some insightful feedback from followers. 

»  [6:12] Why we shouldn’t be surprised. 

It’s clear they’ve been planning this for a while. From a shiny new website to working with a Hollywood level PR machine, this decision wasn’t made overnight. Find out what else the couple has had in the works over the past year to prepare that Buckingham Palace seems to have been paying very little attention to. 

»  [7:40] Reading between the lines of the official press statements.

The statement from the Queen has a very personal and grateful tone, which is a stark contrast to how Buckingham Palace reacted to Princess Diana’s death. Was this new tone a lesson learned from that highly criticized reaction? Learn how you can put this lesson to use in your communication.

»  [11:18] What Megxit means to you, the business person.

In a word: Disruption. What Harry and Meghan did signaled a shift in how we have to look at our consumer. It represents the “in demand, on-demand” generation. Learn more about how this cultural shift can apply to both internal operations and demands from your customers. I’m going to help you find the balance and recognize the change, and discuss the importance of meeting someone “halfway.”

»  [16:17] The royal social media strategy. 

You won’t find H&M on Twitter and you won’t find them on Facebook, and this was all very intentional. It’s all about lead generation and funneling the right people to the right place. These platforms also let them step away a bit, as opposed to a platform like Facebook. Learn more about the thought process behind keeping communication on Instagram and their website only.


Mentioned on the episode: 

  • Visit the official website of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex HERE.
  • Follow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Instagram @sussexroyal HERE.
  • Read the Queen’s and Buckingham Palace’s full official statements HERE.

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