A New Year’s Eve episode airing on the cusp of 2020 dedicated to listeners who want to make a transition in 2020. For many, this is the time of year that people seek change and crave renewal. Who better to guide us through that process than a life coach?  

My guest is Steve Piacente. Steve is a former colleague of mine – we worked together as executive communication coaches – who has a great deal of experience in communications. He is a former newspaper reporter turned D.C. bureau chief, turned speechwriter, added adjunct professor into the mix along with author, and (whew) is now the Director of Training at The Communication Center in Washington, D.C.

Did I mention he added a life coach credential to his repertoire? 

Steve is here to help us all through some of the challenging life transitions we might be facing as we look ahead to renewing ourselves in 2020. 

»  [3:45] Steve’s journey from communications to a life coach.
The idea of becoming a life coach came to Steve naturally when he realized that many of the questions being asked by his communication clients veered into non-media areas like relationships, work/life balance, and happiness. Steve talks about this experience and how well his practice intersects with his training as a communications coach.

»  [6:22] Advice for transitioning into a new job or career.
Steve shares a personal story about his drastic career change after 9/11; a time when the news industry was faltering. Steve received a phone call telling him they were eliminating his position. This call left him concerned because, in his mind, reporting was the only thing he knew how to do. Steve asked himself, “What now?” Find out which question Steve would have asked himself at that moment if he knew what he knows today as a life coach.

»  [9:44] The distinct difference between a coach and a consultant.
One starts with the assumption that clients know the answers to the questions they are asking, and his job is to lead them to a conclusion by asking the right questions. The other provides a more clear path from point A to point B.

»  [11:17] Pivotal Points.
Listen to a few of the prompts Steve asks his clients when they’re approaching a season of renewal.

»  [13:01] Think Bigger.
Identifying the patterns that keep cropping up over and over again with people when they no longer look at life from a broader perspective. Learn how to dig deeper and find those lost sparks in your life.

»  [15:09] Digging into the inner critic.
The inner critic stops you from doing something you may love or may want to accomplish. Learn how to shift the role of this inner voice from a critic to an inner advocate.

»  [18:46] Working through limiting beliefs.
“I don’t know how to use all this new technology,” could be preventing someone from taking a risk and going for that new position. Learn how to make a lightbulb go off in your head to see what’s possible. Remember, the “same old” isn’t necessarily the best.

»  [21:57] What can ask yourself if you’re thinking about making a big jump in the new year?
Renewal starts with looking back. Think about when you were that bright-eyed idealistic person, and you could choose to do anything you wanted to do. Learn what to do with that thought.

Learn more about Steve’s Life Coaching business “Next Phase Life Coaching,” and grab his book, A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Fighting Stance HERE.

About Steve

Steve Piacente is an award-winning Washington correspondent and novelist, university professor and professional life coach. Steve joined The Communication Center in 2013 after 10 years at the U.S. General Services Administration, where he was lead speechwriter and, later, deputy communications director, responsible for the web and social media team. Previously, he was Washington Correspondent for The Tampa Tribune and the Charleston (S.C.) Post & Courier. Steve has been a professional writer since graduating from American University in 1976, and holds a Masters in Fiction from Johns Hopkins University.

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