We mean to do them, but we don’t always get around to it even though we know we should. It’s the “always love to receive one, but dread writing one” thank you note.

Listen to this episode for tips on how to write an unforgettable thank you note. I’ve timed this episode around the holidays to offer a gentle push for completing a task that many people tend to overlook.

Best tip: If you’re ever asking yourself if you should write a thank you note, you already know the answer. Psst…it’s yes.

A handwritten note is always better than an email because it offers that extra touch of personalization.

Anyone you visit or anyone who has given you a gift gets a thank you note. So the sooner you start getting into this habit to thank people for more opportunities of graciousness you see in your life, the better.

  • [4:19] Personalize Your Greeting. Know who you’re sending all of them to and address the recipient by name.
  • [4:37] Be Thankful. Express thanks, gratitude, having your day made, etc. in your message. Say things like “I so appreciate…”, “thank you so much for…”, “I’m ever grateful for…”.
  • [4:54] Be Specific. What exactly are you thanking them for in this note? Did they give you a gift? Did they spend time with you? Did they prepare a meal for you? Call it out specifically in your message.
  • [5:33] Add in the Details. Demonstrate how much that gift means to you or how much you appreciate them taking the time to spend with you within your message.
  • [6:58] Look Ahead to the Future. When’s the next time you’ll see them? Or what will help remind you of them? Mention something like, “I’m looking forward to our next visit,” or “I’ll let you know what I thought about the book after I read it.”

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