On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me

A PR crisis, or one or two or three.

In this (almost) end-of-the-year episode, I wrap-up the PR season by covering the best (or worst?) PR crises of 2019. It’s my holiday gift to myself and to anyone else who has a passion for practicing public relations.

My definition of a PR crisis? A public reaction from an event that causes a brand or a person’s reputation to upside-down. The viral-age twist? It can happen overnight.

Listen to my #PRFail stand-outs from 2019.

[8:15] Number 12: This person got an a** kicking for shaming a would-be employee on social media.

[10:01] Number 11: Piggybacking off of the #MeToo movement made for a messy ad campaign.

[11:00] Number 10: Concating a fake attack turns into a viral attack against this actor.

[12:30] Number 9: Hoping on a wing and a prayer that this PR response works.

[14:58] Number 8: Becky with the bad decison.

[17:26] Numbers 6 & 7: Houston, we have a problem.

[23:28] Number 5: Boy’s club got this guy in toruble.

[25:09] Number 4: A billion-dollar “OK, Boomer” Blunder.

[28:18] Number 3: Rise and shine, your career is over.

[33:01] Number 2: I didn’t realize how much this problematic ad would cost this brand.

[35:10] Number 1: A royally lousy interview.

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Public Relations expert Molly McPherson, APR, reveals the best practices help leaders become indestructible in today’s digital age and crisis-proof their organizations. A mix of discussing current news events along with interviews with newsmakers, communications professionals and business owners while providing insight from 20+ years of public relations and crisis communications expertise working for FEMA and heading communications for the cruise line industry to help take the fear out of communicating in the age of scrutiny. This podcast helps leaders communicate confidently–in writing, speaking, body language, social media — to be heard, seen and relevant.

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