Can you believe it’s been a full year since we launched the Confident Communications podcast? Well, here we are! One year later and one year wiser. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at Pat Flynn’s Power-Up Podcasting boot camp (Pat was also a guest on this podcast in episode 40) which played a major role in helping me get this podcast out into the world.

I wanted to celebrate this year of helping people become better communicators by highlighting some of our top podcast episodes and a major takeaway from each of them. I chose episodes and guests that were not only top downloads but left my listeners with some quick and easy tips they could take away and start implementing immediately.


Here’s what you can look forward to…

[4:45] The JFK Jr. Plane Crash: A behind-the-scenes account from July 1999

Most of my most popular episodes feature guest interviews, but this unique solo episode got a lot of great feedback because the story is just so memorable to most people. It was released 20 years after JFK Jr.’s plane went missing, and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes perspective from insiders who were there – including me.


[8:18] Episode 18: The Secret to Being a Great Speaker with Gina Razon 

One of the tips that Gina shares in this episode is literally something that I use every single time I get up in front of a room. It’s a way to help reset your brain back to calm because as we all know, anything can happen when you’re up there behind that podium. This episode is like a free session with a speech coach, so if you’re among the 75% of the public who has a fear of public speaking, you have to give it a listen.


[11:36] Episode 22: How to Handle a Difficult Conversation with Lara Currie

If you’ve ever had to deal with conflict in the workplace (and who hasn’t), you’re going to love these tips on how to slow down and remain calm that Lara teaches. We explore how to ask yourself the right questions before responding to someone, and she helps you be less emotional in your reactions. We also talk about triggers and how they affect the different genders, and how they are a visceral reaction that can show up physically.


[14:14] Episode 30: How to Nail Your Next Media Interview with Brad Phillips

Mr. Media Training himself, and author of The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your Next Interview, chats with me about the qualities that people need, and sometimes lack, to be engaging on camera. We talk about how oftentimes the people we work with are extremely engaging off-camera, but something switches once that little red light comes on. He gives us some remedies on how to still be YOU on camera and talks about the importance of striving for connection, not perfection.


[18:37] Episode 26: How to Be a Great Spokesperson: A Reporter’s Perspective with Jeanne Meserve

Jeanne and I discuss the state of the media as it is today and try to take some of the fear out of talking to the press. She goes through some specific flags to notice when someone is lying. There’s a shift in their demeanor, specifically in the eyes. If you see a person being shifty-eyed or have a glazed-over look, for example, they could be reciting something they’ve memorized. Truly fascinating stuff in this episode!


[21:18] Episode 16: How to Spot a Liar 

Lying… who does it? Which gender does it more? What are they really lying about? I dig into all of the questions during the episode that garnered a lot of feedback and attention after its release. There actually is a difference in the types of lying that the different genders typically partake in, and I reveal a major give-away in how to tell when someone is lying by paying attention to their body language.  

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