We live in the time of the internet, where information travels at the speed of your WiFi connection or data plan. That’s just one reason communication is so important–because communication online isn’t anonymous and anything you post (or say, tweet, etc.) can and will be used against you.

This week on the Confident Communications Podcast, I’m speaking with Diana Peterson-More, who has worn many hats over her varied career: author, attorney, corporate manager, executive officer, consultant and more. We talk about her new book, Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times: A Practical Guide to Leadership, which is a compilation of everything she’s learned in her professional career and how to apply that knowledge in your own life.

I love her take on how to communicate with others, which she’s dubbed the Platinum Rule of Communication. It’s time we start thinking about what we want others to do with the information we give them and how they might receive our communication. Essentially, we need to focus on communicating the way the other person wants to be communicated with so we’re seen and heard. This is especially important if we’re leaders because employees who feel valued are more likely to help you work toward the bottom line.

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About Diana Peterson-More

Over the course of her long career, Diana Peterson-More has been a practicing employment lawyer, a corporate manager, director, executive officer, and a sought-after consultant and guest presenter. Throughout her varied career, she has been fascinated by what motivates herself and others to achieve results, to determine their own unique definitions of success, and then to facilitate a roadmap to get there. You can follow her on her website.

About Molly

Molly McPherson, M.S., APR, combines her knowledge of current communication practices with years of news and PR experience to help people become modern-age communicators in their industry and help to build crisis-proof businesses. From her work in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the cruise line industry in Washington, D.C., Molly develops the right plans and messaging for clients to protect and build their reputations. Molly founded Confident Communications executive learning program and frequently speaks on crisis communications, public relations and social media.

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