The revelation that disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was facing sex-trafficking charges in July 2019 left a wake of fear among many big wheels who considered Epstein – at one time or another – a friend. From Washington D.C. to Manhattan, to even (gulp) The Palace, people who have a history with Epstein needed to say something, and say it quickly.

A lot of well-known people connected with him have been scrambling for the appropriate response for socializing with a convicted sex offender.

This podcast is about media response and messaging. To be clear: It is NOT a how-to for messaging your way out of the revelation you have a friendship with a convicted sex offender. It’s analyzing how people in the public space messaged their way out of the disclosure they had an association with a convicted sex offender.

In other words, what messaging works when your back is up against the wall, and what messaging hurts.

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