This episode explores the unsettling world of gaslighting in media, culture, politics, and personal relationships. We examine how manipulation and control shape narratives from White House briefings to Jonah Hill’s leaked texts. Molly discusses the recent press briefing, addressing allegations and irresponsible reporting surrounding a controversial incident. She also addresses gaslighting within the political sphere and in popular songs that tackle gaslighting head-on. 

Learn how gaslighting is related to the entertainment industry, including the recent controversy involving Jonah Hill’s leaked texts and viral revenge to expose allegations of his manipulative text messages to his ex-girlfriend. You will learn how to recognize and combat gaslighting in your own life. Whether in personal or professional relationships, learn how to quell the desire to put someone on social media blast. While cathartic, it can also be very damaging to your reputation.

Mentioned in this episode: 

 Molly’s TikTok about Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady Part 1.

 Molly’s TikTok about Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady Part 2. 

– Gaslighting as a manipulation tactic

– Characteristics and motives of gaslighters

– Introduction to the concept of gaslighting and its impact on victims

– Addressing the controversy involving actor Jonah Hill’s texts

– Connection between Olivia Rodrigo’s song “Vampire” and gaslighting

– Messaging challenges related to cocaine in the White House

– Examples of gaslighting and manipulation in relationships

– Importance of not engaging in viral revenge

– Gaslighting in personal and professional relationships

– Social media discourse on the motives behind publicizing personal texts and warning others about abusive behavior.

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