The captivating story of the missing Titanic submersible and the PR crisis that ensued for OceanGate.  We unravel the media coverage, public perception, and the different strategies employed by Ocean Gate, the US Coast Guard, and other agencies, as well as the roles of social media and notable figures like James Cameron in shaping the narrative. Learn how transparency, timely communication, and empathy were key components in managing this disaster.

We dive deep into the various media strategies used in crisis communication, analyzing how OceanGate and other organizations leveraged social media experts and the challenges they faced in releasing crucial information. We also discuss the involvement of brands like Boeing, University of Washington, Logitech, Blink 182, and The Simpsons in the story, and examine the impact of the press in the coverage. Plus, don’t miss the incredible connection between the CEO’s wife and the Titanic, her ancestors having been first-class passengers on the ill-fated ship!

Finally, we emphasize the importance of having an online platform dedicated to user-generated content, allowing communities to interact, ask questions, and engage with your audience. Listen in as we explore how such platforms serve viewers and listeners better, providing a unique opportunity for better engagement and insight. Join us for this insightful and gripping episode that not only explores the Titanic submersible disaster but also offers valuable lessons in public relations strategies and crisis management.

Topics covered in Episode 247 of Indestructible PR with Molly McPherson:

– Referring to James Cameron’s interview and Cameron’s anger towards CEO Stockton Rush

– Focus on money and wealth in ocean exploration

– Tragic ending to submersible ‘Titan’ used to see Titanic shipwreck

– Vessel had catastrophic implosion, killing all on board

– Tragic consequences of recent billionaire space launch

– Need for a crisis communication plan

– Speaker’s community platform called Five

– Missing Titanic tourist immersible and PR crisis faced by OceanGate

– Public relations crucial for crisis management

– Coverage of the event and criticism of the media

– Example of good and bad media strategies during a crisis

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