Last week was a big week for breaking news. From the departure of CEO Chris Licht to wildfires, last week was an example of the dynamic nature of breaking news. With technology and social media, headline news can now spread at unprecedented rates on a global scale. There is a spillover effect resulting from breaking news that companies and brands can utilize to identify threats regarding reputation during a public relation crisis. 

Using the events that unfolded last week, gain insight into how breaking news creates views on social media and how this can potentially place a company’s reputation at risk. Learn about the three crucial threats to all companies and organizations and how to successfully navigate a PR crisis. 

Throughout the episode, real-world examples of companies that have successfully managed public relations blowback are discussed, sharing valuable insights into their crisis management techniques and highlighting key learnings that can be applied to businesses of all sizes. Also covered is the interconnectedness between social media and breaking news, how to leverage social media to enhance a brand’s reputation, the role of algorithms, and much more. Tune in and discover how to prepare for the next PR and social media crisis.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The array of challenges to managing a company’s reputation.
  • How news impacts what is trending on social media.
  • Benefits and risks to a company that is leveraging social media.
  • What we can learn from CNN’s recent public relations fiasco.
  • Differences between the reach of national and local news.
  • Ways in which social media influences news headlines.
  • Navigating the amplification of echo chambers.
  • Making sure your message is strong and can mitigate misinformation.
  • Preparing for the blowback from a business decision.
  • Discover how social media algorithms can impact a brand.
  • Today’s Indestructible PR® tip: prepare for your next PR and social media crisis.

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