What does it take for a brand to successfully navigate the delicate waters of LGBTQ+ marketing during Pride Month? Join us as we explore the challenges and rewards of inclusive marketing and branding, sharing various experiences from companies like Bud Light and the powerful impact they’ve had on their campaigns. Reflecting on the events of 2020, we discuss the importance of having values and initiatives in place to avoid costly PR crises and the potential backlash from embracing this conversation.

From Anheuser-Busch to Target, we dive into the corporate responses to LGBTQ+ backlash and the resulting decline in sales, threats of violence, and boycotts. We debunk the false narrative that trans people are preying on children and ask whether companies are truly willing to stand up for their beliefs in today’s national conversation. Don’t miss this insightful episode as we uncover lessons in successful LGBTQ+ marketing through the power of authenticity, open dialogue, and a commitment to inclusivity.

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