The current level of discourse on social media has created a pretty strained environment for users (and that’s putting it mildly). Even a simple analysis can trigger intense responses from viewers, creating an inordinate amount of stress for creators. This week’s podcast examines the current level of pushback on social media and how it is affecting the online landscape. Hear about the latest headlines concerning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and why posts about the couple always seem to elicit an excessive amount of critical feedback. Also covered is a first-hand account of the Indestructible PR® inbox, including audience questions, feedback, and insights into why certain stories get analyzed and others don’t. You’ll learn more about the process behind choosing topics for Indestructible PR® posts before hearing a series of actionable tips on how to go about searching for entry-level PR jobs, along with an update on an exciting Indestructible PR® Podcast milestone! Tune in for an unfiltered look at the Indestructible PR® inbox, listener insights, and thoughts on the current social media landscape.

Key Topics

  • The topic that generates the most critical feedback on Molly’s social media: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
  • A closer look at the intense level of pushback on social media.
  • How this type of pushback is resulting in an increasingly strained online environment.
  • Why the current social media landscape feels like Cancel Culture 3.0.
  • An overview of the media story around Harry and Meghan’s ‘near catastrophic’ car chase.
  • Molly’s take on this story and the media strategy that was used.
  • A rundown of Molly’s posts on this topic and their exceptionally high view counts.
  • Edward Bernays’ incisive quote on media manipulation and how it applies to this story.
  • Insight into what it is like to talk about Harry and Meghan in the world of social media.
  • Examples of the types of messages Molly has received in response to her posts.
  • Molly shares questions from her inbox and discusses her answers.
  • The story of Jamie Foxx’s alleged stroke and Molly’s thoughts on it.
  • Why Molly prefers not to analyze stories concerning Taylor Swift.
  • Jimmy Allen’s public statement and why it is an example of an excellent apology.
  • The controversy surrounding F-Factor and how it could impact social media legislation.
  • An overview of Molly’s Instagram messages and feedback.
  • Molly shares her advice for entry-level PR job searchers.
  • The exciting news of 100,000 downloads of the Indestructible PR® Podcast on BuzzSprout!

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