As AI continues to advance and become more accessible, the question of using it to write press releases is becoming more relevant. After a tweet posted by Molly on the topic of using AI for this purpose received almost 19,000 views, this episode breaks down the pros and cons of doing this. You’ll learn about how these tools can be helpful to you and what safeguards you can use to limit the damage you can cause through them. You’ll also learn about the legal, copyright, and privacy implications of using them. The fact that the PR industry is rooted in truth raises ethical concerns about using AI to generate its content. This podcast explores both sides of the argument to help you decide whether AI is the right choice for you when you write your press releases. 


Key Points From This Episode: 


  • The viral tweet that inspired this episode’s topic on using AI to write press releases.
  • The fact that the tweet was written by AI and thoughts on the ethics of this. 
  • The fact that the PR industry is rooted in truth and the ethical concerns of using AI to generate its content. 
  • Some of the benefits of using AI to write press releases. 
  • Some of the risks of using AI to write press releases.
  • Why you should consider your needs and goals when you choose whether or not to use AI to write a press release.
  • Some of the responses Molly got to her tweet. 
  • The legalities of using ChatGPT to write your press releases. 
  • Questions of privacy when it comes to the use of ChatGPT or AI.
  • The Indestructible PR®  tip for the day about why you should never try to pass off AI content as original.

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