Context is everything. 

February 22nd, 2023, cartoonist Scott Adams aired an episode of his nightly podcast that would turn his career on its head. The creator of the beloved character, Dilbert Done, surprised us all with the heavily racist remarks he made in the video entitled, “It’s Okay to Be White,” which very quickly went viral. 

As a result, Scott Adams has been canceled, not only figuratively by society, but also literally through the loss of his newspaper contracts. Nobody is immune to the risk of losing their reputation or their livelihood through something that they post online, so let this episode be a lesson that you can use to protect yourself against being canceled like Scott Adams. 


Key Points From This Episode: 


  • Who is Scott Adams?
  • The Rasmussen poll that formed the basis of the video leading to Scott being canceled.
  • Why Scott’s video, “It’s Okay to Be White,” went viral. 
  • The controversial nature of Rasmussen polls. 
  • How Scott has responded to the uproar around his video. 
  • Scott’s self-proclaimed political views. 
  • The problem with Scott’s approach to airing his opinion. 
  • Why context is everything. 
  • Indestructible PR® tip: know your audience and know your medium. 

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