The rise of social media influencers means it is easier than ever to form parasocial relationships with celebrities or online influencers. Although parasocial relationships are one-sided and don’t involve any contact in the real world, the death of someone whose life you have been closely following online can cause a visceral reaction.

In the case of Dave Hollis, his sudden death at the age of 47 sent a subreddit community of over 13000 people into an emotional freefall. In this conversation with Emily Rose, digital creator and host of the It’s Become A Whole Thing podcast, you’ll hear about the dynamics of parasocial relationships, how celebrities leverage these types of relationships, and the coping mechanisms that people employ when the other side of a one-way relationship experiences a life event.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • The event that shook a 13000 person strong subreddit community this week.
  • How the Hollis’s became the mega influencers that they were.
  • The abrupt emotional shift that often accompanies a person’s death.
  • The definition of a parasocial relationship.
  • The spectrum of celebrity-focused communities that can be found online.
  • Emily’s thoughts on the worst thing that can happen to a celebrity.
  • Examples of how celebrities leverage parasocial relationships to their advantage.
  • The power of online communities.
  • Speculations that are being made about Dave’s death and Emily’s thoughts on how the world might find out the truth.
  • Aspects of the Hollis’s that make them so relatable.


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