No matter the scale of your business, you need to have a strategy in place in case of a PR crisis. If someone takes it upon themselves to attack you on social media, or you experience an actual operations meltdown, you need to be prepared. 

This episode tackles the ins and outs of creating an effective and comprehensive crisis communication plan to keep your business afloat if ever you find yourself in the line of fire. Discover what you need to ascertain before creating your crisis communication template, and what to include in the template itself. A post-crisis communication plan is equally as important, and in this episode, you’ll find out why. Tune in for an overview of how to communicate effectively in a crisis, reassuring stakeholders and the public alike.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A CNN excerpt outlining Southwest Airlines’ operations crisis and subsequent crisis communication.
  • Why it’s essential for every business to have an effective and comprehensive crisis communication plan.
  • Why it’s important to identify and define what constitutes a crisis in your business.
  • The difference between disaster communication and a PR crisis.
  • What to include in your crisis communication template.
  • Identifying your stakeholders and crisis response team.
  • How to identify the most impactful social media channel for communicating with stakeholders.
  • The role of monitoring and evaluation in crisis management.
  • Strategies versus tactics.
  • What a post-crisis communication plan involves.
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    Plan You Need Right Now”

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