When Boston-based staff executive, Whitney Sharpe, outlined the actions she took to address her disturbing experience of sexual harassment on TikTok, she had no idea that it would become viral overnight and be viewed by over 14 million people. The original incident had taken place while on a work call with potential vendors, during which, Whitney captured a profoundly unprofessional incident. Thanks to the ill-advised (and highly consequential) misuse of the screen-share function, Whitney was exposed to a company chat wherein staff members had made crude sexual remarks about her. Whitney’s recent TikTok demonstrates how one company was completely unprepared to handle a massive vulnerability within their organization and the fallout that is taking place as a result. Hear about the company’s lack of response online, what was missing from their apology email, how to ensure that your company is prepared for this type of exposure, and the importance of honoring your values as a company.





Key Points From This Episode:


  • How Whitney Sharpe, a Boston-based executive at a large staffing firm, took a stand against sexual harassment and went viral on TikTok.
  • The inappropriate company chat that Whitney was exposed to.
  • How Whitney captured the interaction and went viral on TikTok.
  • What happens when an HR crisis collides with a PR crisis.
  • The key vulnerabilities that Whitney’s viral TikTok exposes within the company she is confronting.
  • The email Whitney received from the company in response to her complaint.
  • Why the email fell short and felt like an ‘insincere’ apology.
  • The company’s choice not to respond to Whitney’s viral TikTok.
  • The growing trend of companies not responding to public outcry.
  • How to ensure that your company is ready for this type of exposure.
  • Recommendations on the social media guidelines that companies should be implementing.
  • An Indestructible PR® tip on honoring your values as a company.


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