Kanye West (better known simply as Ye) has always been a contentious figure, but after his latest string of racist and anti-Semitic remarks, major brands like Adidas are dropping their endorsements with the rapper. 

This episode delves into this controversy to explain what happened, how Ye redefined the term ‘cancel culture’ and how the use of it can actually damage your brand. You’ll hear about Adidas’ termination of their partnership of Ye, as well as what they did wrong and what they did right, plus you’ll discover a possible strategic motivation behind Ye’s recent actions. You’ll also learn more about the ‘alt-right playbook’ that Ye seems to be following, and the elements of it that can be seen in his behavior, before hearing how he and the alt-right have attempted to weaponize cancel culture, and why you may never want to use the term in a defensive response again.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The story behind the controversy surrounding Ye. 
  • The statement released by Adidas and why it’s a good example of how to respond to a crisis.
  • Blowback Adidas has received for taking its time to sever its partnership with Ye. 
  • Why silence is so damaging and what Adidas should have done in the interim. 
  • Netflix’s decision not to drop Ye’s documentary, Jeen-Yuhs
  • The idea that Ye is following a playbook that is commonly used by the alt-right. 
  • How the alt-right is using this situation to further its cause.
  • Insight into the ‘alt-right playbook’ and what it entails, including deliberately offensive speech. 
  • The preservation of ambiguity and Poe’s law as a tactic of the alt-right. 

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