In today’s digital age, with the constant posting, sharing, and posts going viral, PR crises can spiral out of control in the blink of an eye.

This week’s Indestructible PR Podcast shares some key takeaways from how Adam Levine responded to his PR crisis in the aftermath of the video posted by Instagram model, Sumner Stroh. 

You’ll learn more about the one big mistake he made, a mistake you never want repeated in a PR crisis. Also discussed are the details released by Sumner and the importance of going further to understand the why behind her actions. Don’t miss out, tune in now. 

Key Points From This Episode: 

• How a PR crisis can spiral out of control thanks to the digital age we live in. 

• More about Levine’s response to the spilling of more sordid details of his personal life. 

• Details released by Instagram model, Sumner Stroh. 

• A closer look at his one, colossal, mistake.  

• Why it’s important to understand the why behind the other person’s actions. 

• Why showing remorse plays a role in handling a PR crisis. 

• A look at the statement released by Adam Levine and his PR team. 

• The grand takeaway from Levine’s post. 

• The Indestructible PR tip. 

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