Ageism, sexism, bad management, and incredibly poor messaging, today’s PR crisis has it all!

This week’s podcast focuses on Bell Media’s ousting of Lisa LaFlamme and her replacement by a younger male, shortly after the beloved CTV Anchor allowed herself to go gray.

Let’s discuss Lisa’s PR masterpiece of a response video and Bell Media’s well-written but completely inadequate response statement. While a private company has the right to hire and fire whomever they choose, decisions like these affect the public, and if not handled correctly, this could be detrimental to a company’s continued support and ultimately their bottom line. This podcast looks at the importance of truth and transparency in a PR response, and when a statement should be replaced by an apology. Tune in to hear the statement Bell Media put out, why it was a bad statement, why it created such a blowback, and how the statement should have been written to avert a PR crisis.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Today’s topic: the PR nightmare associated with Bell Media’s firing of CTV anchor Lisa LaFlamme and why their statement was inadequate.
  • Some previous examples of anchors being let go and the resulting PR crises.
  • The implications of how Lisa LaFlamme was fired shortly after allowing herself to go gray.
  • The problem of the lack of transparency on the part of Bell Media regarding why they fired Lisa.
  • Lisa LaFlamme’s video response and why it’s a PR masterpiece.
  • Why does a situation like this call for an apology, not a statement?
  • Who was hurt by Bell Media’s decision.
  • The biggest problem with Bell Media’s statement.
  • The legal implications of making an apology or accepting responsibility.
  • How an apology can help you regain trust, reduce liability, and be an effective business decision.
  • How Bell Media’s apology should have been written.
  • The Indestructible PR tip for the day relating to the importance of the first line in any response statement.
  • Closing words on why you should never fire women of a certain age.

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