Instagram has changed, and not everyone is happy about it.

This week on the Indestructible PR Podcast, we look at the video created by Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri in response to this crisis, and analyze the value of using video responses to deal with PR crises.

Tuning in, you’ll hear how Instagram has changed, why so many content creators have objected to this change, and how this has led to a crisis. We then break down Adam Mosseri’s video. We talk about the visual components and how they contribute to the message, before listening to the audio to hear how Adam includes each of the three steps of an effective PR response. To find out why making a video is such an effective way to create a PR response, and some of the things you should factor in as you do, listen in today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Instagram has changed to be more like TikTok and many users are unhappy with this.
  • Some influencers who have complained about the platform and the crisis that has resulted.
  • The petition created by Tati Bruening to change Instagram back to how it was before.
  • How Adam Mosseri’s video is a PR response to a strategic choice.
  • The three steps of an effective PR response, and how Adam Mosseri includes each of them.
  • What you need to consider when you make a promise.
  • The audio of Adam Mosseri’s video.
  • Why making a video is such a good way to create a PR response and some things you should pay attention to as you do.
  • The indestructible PR tip for today: the quickest way to regain trust when you’ve lost it is by using video.


“You’ve heard me talk about the effective PR response; step one: owing it, step two: explaining it, step three is promising it. Mosseri does this in his post.” — @MollyMcPherson [0:10:55]

“If you need to come up with a response for an issue, and it’s an issue that’s one of these sticky issues because it still sticks to you, you can’t let it go, it’s not an easy fix; do something like this. Give it a try. Produce a video.” — @MollyMcPherson [0:15:10]

“The quickest way to regain trust when you’ve lost it, in my opinion, is by using video.” — @MollyMcPherson [0:16:06]

“Seeing a person, seeing a leader, seeing someone making the effort to make a great video that speaks to a stakeholder in an effort to win back their trust, that’s a powerful response!” — @MollyMcPherson [0:16:18]

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